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##Henkate gplay is crashing even with full Rr internal wiped and reinstalled
I'm #joeaxe25

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Lollipop 5.0.1 and some games

Hi I recently updated my samsung glalaxy s4 active to the official lollipop 5.0.1 update. So it's cool and everything but some of games are crashing (Unfortunately
game has stoppes) each time I open each one of them. I tried to reinstall, clear cache and data but still nothing so I just wanted to know if I am the only one who facing this problem or is it general. And if it's me then how could I fix it
Here for anyone who want to help me. I have chosen you who have that version of the lollipop ipdate the smallest games to download so you can tell me if it works or not "Gravity Guy 2" or "Stick Run" or "'hambo"
Thanks in an advance.
Thanks for writing to us at XDA Assist. This isn't really the purpose of XDA Assist, you can read about our purpose here. I'd suggest you ask your question here:
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Phone rebooting while accessing gallery

Hi Friends I am facing a problem after installing a custom rom on my device.
The phone is rebooting while trying to access Gallery,Video player,xender and whatsapp (while opening image or video) also.
I tried the following but it not helped.
reinstalled the rom, factory data reset ,wipe cache,dalwik cache etc
formatted phone memory and sd card
used alternative apps too...
Please help me to solve the problem.I am ready to do anything to solve it..please replay .....
Thanks in advance
Thanks for using XDA Assist Kindly post here A89 Ninja Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting so that experts using your device can provide better solutions Kindly use the same forum for future queries regarding that particular device
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Hey Please try to understand what the problem is . It is due to some fault in the rom, i just need to know that ....

Chinese phone help pleas

Hi people. Im In desperate need of help. My dad bought a phone from ebay. it was fine in the begining but soon as i connected it to the internet it started downloading a load of apps and pop ups here, there and everywhere. Ive done a full factory resest ive installed avast, cleanmaster, rooted the phone, deleted everything.
But nothing works! There is one app that seems to be preinstalled, pornclub! I cant delete this and when i stop and disable it, it just starts working again.. any help appreciated please.....
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kiano intelect 10 3g problem with google play

Hello dear helpers,
First of all I just started my journey with android so please be nice don't kill me on sight.
I have Kitano intellect 103g running android 4.2.2 rooted it with shaume app and as I was exploring this world I belive I bricked my Google apps (I get Couldn't sign in message) and after hours of googling I'm desperate to look for help . I did memory clearing ,factory reset hosts file edition and even removed Google play app and reinstalled it nothing works. Please help
You may try posting your query here Ask any Query Newbie friendly with all relevant details, the experts there maybe able to assist you.

GPS not working properly

Hello. I've got [ROM] Android Revolution HD 93.0 installed and I can't seem to get my GPS working properly. I've tried both Gmaps and Here Drive and the phone gets stuck on "looking/searching for gps" so it wont "talk" to me.
Any solutions? I did reinstall both apps but it didnt work.
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