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Hello to everyone and thank you in advance for your time and expertise.
I cannot see a network. Please hlpe me to connect to it again.
Some time ago I was having problems because my phone would not connect to the strongest WiFi available and I decided to hide the weaker one. I do not remember and I am not sure how I did this. Now I would like that network to show again and I would also like to connect to it when it is stronger.
Can anyone please help me?
Samsung SM-N9005, 4.4.2, rooted.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Greetings and welcome to assist. Unfortunately assist is for guiding new members around the boards only, please ask your question here
Thanks for understanding


can't sign in with my device

It will be checking info, on a blue and white sceen later can't establish network, how can I go round it,
Greetings and welcome to assist. If you can tell us your device we may be able to point you in the right direction

Mobile Data Hotspot

Hi guys, is it possible to limit the amount of data that a person can use?
For example, a friend of mine wanted to use my hotspot as he have no internet access. I decided to share with him 50 or 100mb of my data.
Is there an application that allows me to control how much data that the person can use? (E.g. 50mb) After that it will automatically turn off the mobile hotspot.
Thanks for your help.
Hi darkmage06
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If you, as I suppose, owe a S5, I would invite you to address your question to our experts at the below forum as they should be able to tackle it:
Galaxy S 5 Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting
If you no more owe the S5, please advise which device you are referring to in order to be assigned to the correct forum.
Nice regards and good luck.

[Q] Wifi network problem on my android

Hi, I'm using Samsung Galaxy S duos. I can't use apps that need internet connection (Youtube/ facebook) on my university student wifi network which has proxy settings. Please help...!!!
Thanks for writing to us at XDA Assist. Can you please describe your problem a little more detail?
No response in two days, thread closed.

[Q] Root my andriod phone

Dear Members,
Some one rooted my Andriod phone, and I doubt he is listening my calls.
I am new and not well aware with this technique, can you help me to save my phone calls and data from intruder?
Waiting your positive suggestion.
My skype id is altafinkarachi, and email is altafinkarachi#gmail.com.
Thanks for writing to us at XDA Assist. Can you start by identifying your device please?
No response in two days, thread closed, thanks.

no service and no network issue

i have been facing this problem from the last 5 days. i have no network in my samsung sgh t959 phone usually i used t get this problem bt then it the network used to come back automatically
bt now since 5 days there has been no network in my phone i tried every single thing i did a factory reset, tried changing sims, when to mobile network ad searched for network,did a ping test run selected every single mode (cdms gsm lte etc) even did turn off radio . i even i checked with the imei my phone is displaying the imei properly .i guess there is no corruption in my imei
so please can anyone help me with this issue. i am still looking fo a perfect solution for this issue.
Hello there! Welcome to XDA!
First register an XDA account (so you can ask in the proper forum)
then, you may ask for help here: (see below)
Samsung Vibrant Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting
Your device experts are located there....(You will have a much better chance of getting help there)
Also, here is the Main Samsung Vibrant Area just in case:
Always Remember to use the Search...
Thank you! Hope this help!