LeEco Le Max 2 Root - XDA Assist

While I am trying to root my Le Eco Le Max 2 right now...... The error has popped up in command prompt during the twrp ......cannot load recovery.img...................................... ..........................what did I do wrong? Or how do I fix this issue to finish the recovery process? Please help.

Greetings and welcome to assist. You have already asked this question here
but did not reply to my colleague. First of all is your bootloader unlocked ? and secondly have you done what my colleague suggested ?


Redmond note 3 rooting process help

Hi I guys I have Redmi note 3 running on Maui developer rom I want to root my phone and install twrp recovery please suggest me a working method...
Greetings and welcome to assist. I have looked through your posts and can see you already now the correct place to ask this question here
Good luck

Letv Le Max 1 Hard Bricked please help

Please help me how to get my phone life back please I got Le Max 1 x900 please help
It looks like you're recieving help here http://forum.xda-developers.com/andr...7#post68799147
There's no dedicated forum for your device here so that's the best place to get support for the Max 1.
Thread closed.

oneplus 3t bricked

I have one plus et bricked I can only access fastboot mode, but I can't flash something or even unlock bootloader can someone help me? please
Can you fastboot stock firmware?
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bootloader is locked so I don't have any permissions to flash or sideload update also its bricked so I can't turn o grant access for unlocking oem if you have any idea how to do it
I will move your thread to correct forum where the experts maybe able to assist you.
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Try this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/one...us-3t-t3515306
Thanks a lot , it worked . thank you very much literally saved my phone

hi . i have a xiaomi redmi note 3 (MTK) after i flash it , now is stuck at bootloop .

can i flash the phone without open bootloader becouse i dont remember my mi account end i cant open it plzz help mee
Greetings and welcome to xda
Have a look at this thread to see if it helps
You will need to create an account to ask any questions in the thread
Good Luck

Redmi 2 ,CM14.1 Reboot issue

Redmi 2 reboots itself while turning on Data connection in cm14.1 nightly..
Please anyone help me.
Thank you.
Greetings and welcome to assist. You need to ask this question in the rom thread, without owning the device or having any logs it is impossible for us to know what is wrong