Moto g4 plus : Can't access music and video files from SD card - XDA Assist

I just bought Moto g4 plus. I selected sdcard as internal storage device. After I added some music tracks and movies in SD card, But it's not showing in any of music players or in mx player. although it's occupies space.
Please Help!
It's running on Android nougat
{{ Solved : deleted .Nomedia files from SD card }}

Glad you solved your issue so I'll close this up


Unable to Play Music Through Microsd?

Hey Guys ..
I am playing around with my G-Tablet and for some reason I am unable to access and play/stream the music that I put on my External MicroSD card.
The only way I could listen to them is if I copy them to the folder called "sdcard/music".
I am currently running VEGAn-TAB ROM BETA 5.1. I tried the regular music program as well as Winamp .. and neither let me play the music straight off the micro sd card.
thank you in advance!
Strange, I have a similar problem in that music copied from a Flash drive to the sdcard/music folder will not be recognized by the Music App.
GL wit a solution
Make sure you do a reboot with Vegan-Tab after loading music. It won't show up otherwise. Also, if you added the .nomedia file to protect the data, it seems to prevent the tablet from scanning the SD Card.
Ok .. Im confused .. This is what I did ..
1) Copied my music to "SDCARD/MUSIC" folder .. unit had no problem playing the music.
2) After it was still on the external sd card under "SDCARD2/MUSIC" I removed the music that was copied from original internal memory (see #1) folder and then rebooted and music player or winamp would not read my music!
Ok - so basically my unit doesn't recognize the music from the external sd card! please help !!!
HMMMM .. wait .. I just rebooted again and for some reason its working now !! I think my G-Tablet is Possessed .. No matter, Im returning it to Woot anyway because I have a pixel out .. They are sending my new one Wednesday .. Hopefully I don't have this issue with the new one!
Thanks for the help!
I found that if you unmount the SD and then re-mount it the music won't show up until the tablet is rebooted and then it shows up again. I'm also useing Vegan 5.1.1 and that's what I've found. I also noticed that after mounting the SD card that the settings for performing this change to unmount in progress AFTER I have selected mount the sd, very odd

[Q] music on sd card

i am running hyper droid v3 and the problem is when i put music on my sd card it doesnt appear in the music player
i have a 16gb card
any suggestions?
check if there is a .noMedia file created in your root / sub folder/s where you have placed the music. System tends not to scan those folders where this file exists and hence skips them every time it scans for media.
I'm using same ROM and I can play without problems the music stored on the external SD card (32Gb). Check if the Media Scanner is getting the info of the music store there as the above user suggest. Also you can force it to rescan with a Market app or doing a copy/paste of any file in a file explorer inside the phone.
Also I have my music above the root of the SD card, don't know if that could also make the phone not to recognice it. In my case I have them in /sdcard/external_sd/Music/[Albums Names].

[Q] Music Player not playing

I've installed cm11 m10 on my Galaxy S2 i9100, with following instructions: (newbie, not allowed to create a correct link.
Everything works fine except for playing Music (mp3).
I have an external 64 GB SD Card initially formatted with fat32. I've uploaded mp3s there. I tried several players (Appollo, MixZing, Google Play Music) but none of them found music. On MixZing I was able to navigate to the files but when click on an mp3 file, only the spinning circle is showing but playing didn't start.
I googled and found advices that it may be related to the sd card being formatted fat32. So I tried two things. I formatted the SD Card with exfat and second I copied the mp3 files to the internal storage. That didn't change anything. Music files are shown in file manager but they do not play.
I also observe that on Setting/Storage the external SD Card is shown ut only shows the total amount of space used, no disitinction on e.g. media files, like in the internal storage
Is that a known problem or is that special to my setup ?
It's the first time I use cyanogenmod so I may also do newbie errors
Hi Stefan,
Or the music files are corrupt, probably wouldn't be it.
Or its a bug. I suggest to you to also have a look in the android development forum for other custom roms.
Also does audio works on cyanogenmod m10? So notifications sound etc?
First of all thanks for the quick reply.
It's always like that I searched the whole evening for a solution, almost immediately after posting this question. Things started working. The bad thing is I do not why it suddenly works
My setup is now:
Music is on externald SD Card formatted with exfat.
No Music on internal storage.
I triggered a rescan of the sd card using Rescan SD app.
Under Settings/Storage the sd card still only showing the overall usage.
But since Music and jpegs are working I'm ok with that.
Ahh okay, good that it's now working properly, else you could always find another custom rom in the android development forum that is more optimized and better for your phone.
Have fun

My S7 can't read my sd card

Hi guys !
I just have reveived my new Galaxy S7 (SM-G935F) and I'm disappointed that it doesn't recognize any music, photos or videos from my SD card, it says that it needs to be on the phone to be read.
So my question is if there is any way or even a custom ROM to resolve that problem.
Thank you in advance.
Should be able to read media from the MicroSD card
Copy all media from the card to your PC
Format the card to FAT32
Put it in the phone
Connect phone to PC USB
Copy everything back across
100% user error because it works fine on my s7. Try to format the sd card or try to eject it and put it in again.
The sd card are recognize and I can explore the file and open music, photos or videos BUT ONLY in the file explorer . In the music, video or in the gallery apps, music, video and photos that are on the SD card are not detect, they must be on the phone to be read on the music player or gallery apps .
Then follow instructions above
It works ! Thank you !

Android 2.2 : Music player & Gallery won't find any files !!!

I've upgraded my Samsung galaxy 5 i5503 from android 2.1 to android 2.2 and i rooted my device & repartitioned my sd card 2 partitions so i can use link2sd everything is great exceot this problem
The music player wont read the mp3 files and the gallery also says "no items found"
n.b: when i format the sd card from the mobile it works fines but the link2sd wont work cuz of the abscence of the 2nd partition
any solutions ??
Did you check for any .nomedia files and remove and reboot afterwards?