Can't update to lineage os? - XDA Assist

After using cm for a long time, I wanted to use lineage os. But after wiping and installing the rom on my phone (lg g2 d802) I get a boot certification verify error. Now the problem is not that i can't get out of it, I just use LG flashtool. But I can't install the rom.
I noticed that when installing the rom, the line : detected filesytem ext4 for ..... appears 2 times. I think it has somthing to do with that because when i installed cyanagenmod that line only appeard ones. Does anyone have a explanation or better yet a sollution?
My device is a Lg g2 (D802)
Thank you

Hello and Welcome to XDA-developers
Since there is no official LineageOS for Lg g2, where did you download it?

Sorry, I was allready helped at another forum, but still thanks for the response


CM 12 for HTC One Remix

Hey all,
I'm trying to install CyanogenMod 12 on my Verizon HTC One Remix.
Phone is currently s-off/unlocked (Sunshine).
I have TWRP v2.8.5.0 installed as Recovery, seems to be working as intended.
Since there are no CM ROMs for the Remix (memwl), I went with the next best thing, which is the ROM for HTC One Mini 2 (memul).
So I followed directions at CM's wiki and got up to the point where I actually install the ROM.
As soon as the install process starts, I get an error on TWRP saying "This package is for device: memul; this device is htc_memwl."
My questions:
1. Can I edit the ROM somehow to change the device name on it to match mine, and how do I do this?
2. Assuming the hardware is the same on the Mini 2 and the Remix, will the Mini 2 CM ROM work just fine or is there anything else I should be aware of?
Thank you!
Well nevermind, on another thread user u-ra says they have different hardware/driver reqs so I guess memul ROM wouldn't work on memwl.
Are there any options for this backwater device of mine?
Any custom ROMs out there running Lollipop for MEMWL?
I have the exact same Issue. Are there any installable ROMs now? What do you use #wrehn83?
hi, have encountered the same issue on this damn phone.. did you guys make any progress?
Have you Stock Backup Of this phone please I need it Badly :crying
Any luck - anybody?

Finally..I root my F350s Lollipop 5.0.1(Stock)....

My F350S is working well with root (no bugs so far in 3days heavy use)
I am not sure this method will work on F350L/K, D838.... so be careful. And sorry for my bad english.
Note: I am not responsible for any damage do it at your own risk..
Here is what I've done:
1) Flash back to LG GPro2 Stock 10e KKrom by using TOT method
2)Root it
3)Flash Philz touch recovery (LGRecovery_F350.apk)
Download Link:
4)Boot into Philz recovery, wipe/factory reset then flash this (F350S Lollipop update zip, BIG Thanks to #jk02031)
Here is the thread from XDA by #jk02031
5)IMPORTANT!!!! After apply the don't reboot your device!! Flash supersu immediately !!! (
Download link:
6)Reboot your device and well, your device rooted.
This has become the preferred rooting method in absence of custom recovery. you could also flash Xposed for Lollipop while you're at Kitkat.
Sorry, how I should understand your comment about Xposed? Is this mean, I can root Lollipop BEFORE installing, by Xposed for Lollipop?
Please, explain.
WySwiftKey'owane i wyTapatalk'owane z mojego LG G Pro Drugiego Wspaniałego.
Swiftkeyed and Taptalked from my Great LG G Pro The Second
TomeG2kc aka Tomasz G.
In the absence of custom recovery for Lollipop rooting requires one to have a rooted Kitkat with custom recovery installed. Now to have Lollipop, we flash a flashable variant of Lollipop and THEN while we're still in recovery, we flash SuperSU. This is perhaps how you have a rooted Lollipop and most of us followed this process.
Since we now have Xposed for Lollipop, it can be flashed at the same stage when we flash SuperSU. So when we reboot the device, we have a rooted Lollipop with Xposed preinstalled.
Hope this clarifies any doubt.
I see, so this mean, we have only one chance to install some .zips thru recovery - after install Lollipop but before reboot?
WySwiftKey'owane i wyTapatalk'owane z mojego LG G Pro Drugiego Wspaniałego.
Swiftkeyed and Taptalked from my Great LG G Pro The Second
TomeG2kc aka Tomasz G.
As long as we don't have custom recovery for Lollipop, this limitation persists.
You can flash this via adb to get custom recovery back:
Thank you for the link... would you mind explaining exactly what the file is and if it will work with a d838? I would love to have recovery for my LG Pro2 with Lollipop
Also how do you install a zip file using ADB? Any online guide I can find says you need to boot the phone into recovery first (which of course we dont have)
I couldn't contain my excitement so went ahead and installed the linked recovery. I installed adb on my pc, set my LG pro 2 to usb debugging, extracted the linked zip to my desktop and ran the .bat file. Within 20 seconds I had a custom recovery on my Lollipop
I haven't tried installing anything with the recovery yet - but it seems to be working so far with my 838 32g version.
Manny thanks!
Sorry for my bad that i have not provide any instrustion for this zip. A big thanks for your test, comment and it is a huge help to another gpro2 user!! I will edit this post ASAP for more clearly guide.
Thank you for the information. I wasn't aware of it. It appear to be intended for F350. Can it be flashed on D838?

[SOLVED] Stuck on bootloader in CM12.1 builds

Hi everyone, so I've been trying to compile CM12.1 for the G3 for a while now, and I got a few builds (some with no customizations, some with ArchiDroid, some with just Linaro) but none of them get past the bootloader (LG screen). I've been using TheMuppet's GitHub repository for the device blobs. Here's my roomservice.xml for the most basic build (I figure I should get this working first and then try modifying things):
I thought maybe it was the kernel so I tried flashing 777Kernel, which I use normally on CM based ROMs, but had the same issue. I tried bumping the boot image that it was built with, even though CM merged the open_bump script into their release tools for the G3, and the script returned "Image already bumped" so I don't believe that's an issue either.
I can't get any real log since it doesn't get past the bootloader. Anyone have ideas?
The solution was to change the blobs path from proprietary/vendor/lge to just vendor/lge.
what's your model? at first look it seems you maybe are building for d855 while you don't have a d855
D855, I'm 100% sure it's the D855.
did you check under the battery compartment the model number? because i builded lots of roms for d855 and they always worked on my device
Yeah, D855 0114. I've had the phone for a long time and always use D855 ROMs and Kernels. Would you mind sharing a manifest you've used to build one?
it's the same as yours.. that's why i asked you about the model ^^ because it must boot.. did you wipe everything before booting? if yes.. try waiting some more minutes because first boot takes a bit more time.. ^^
Yeah, did a full wipe but it doesn't get past the LG screen let alone get to the CM boot animation.
very weird... official cm rom boots?
Yeah, every ROM from XDA I've tried boots. Is there some special step for building for the G3 that I'm missing?
Is it maybe since I have the 16GB version? I've seen a lot of kernels which specify between the 16GB/2GB and 32GB/3GB versions so is it not the correct device config? Or maybe the fstab is different?
cyanogenmod is compatible with both 32 and 16gb

[Q] korean optimus G already receive official 4.4.2 update,when will our E970 ?

a couple months later ?or never?
i cant figure out why no one has pulled the rom and posted here I dont have to get it OTA
It has been posted here, but camera and SD won't work until LG releases the kernel sources.
If the past is any indication, we'll probably see an update for the E970 in about another 2 months.
Hi all,
out of curiosity, I headed down to the lg optimus G thread (e975 international) and it is loaded with action.
Many have installed the modded stock rom and testing out the kit kat released to the Korean phone.
Surely, some developers of e970 will be able to work forward or port that version to us!!
We still need kernel source code for some functions to work.
There's a thread there in our forum itself for E970 KK rom ported from F180 , but like it has been mentioned earlier the Camera and SD Card won't work , because of the difference in H/W between the variants.
Lets hope its soon. There is a new version in the developers section that has the camera working but no sd card (they're working on it) that i have been using. Very snappy and great battery life.
sdcard works now....the rom is pretty solid now
please give me a link of this rom.
Just go to the android developer thread. There are two currently working versions.
That ROM really kick ass. Excellent battery life (on my E971, it seems better than the Omni and Carbon 4.4.2), Android Kitkat, and still all the LG's nice skin and addons. The o/s feels a bit more reactive than the previous ROMs I tried. Everything seems to work, even the notification LEDs.
- You need a recent CWM recovery to install it. I previously had TWM and it did not work. I got CWM-Touch from
- Then flash the zip that correspond to your phone (one for E970 with SD card port, one for E971 and E973).
- Boot, select a skin for the weather app if you need it.
- Then flash the AT&T Build.prop mod. Don't do that before the previous step.
Has at&t ever released more than one android update for any LG phone?

[ROM][CM12.1][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12.1

CM12.1 is here for the LS980, aka the Sprint LG G2.
This is a source build rom, which includes all the latest changes from cm. The nightlies are starting August 2nd.
sweet, been waiting for this! but-- latest nightly is from 7/26, and is only version 12, not 12.1, and no google apps? seems a bit preemptive to me
Downloaded and installed nightly from 08-04. Flashed over stock rooted ZVG then a full wipe.
GPS seems to be much more responsive with cm12.1.
camera app wont open, downloaded google camera and others from the play store, nothing works.
no flashlight shortcut in quick settings panel, when i try to turn on via "OK google" causes force close. this is a really useful tool for me and its bumming me out its not included here, or in stock ZVG
Shiny, may be able to abandon the official firmware (again) a bit later when things are a bit more stable.
Anyone have any reports on if the screen double tap to wake works?
Can't wait to flash this. Been having issues updating past 5/17 on CM12.
After fighting with ZVG to get root it's all working. 7-17 Gapps was giving me issues though. Downgraded to 4-21.
Double tap didn't work on older versions, but you can tap 5 times to wake in the version I'm using (I don't know why it's 5... but that has worked reliably for me)
Hi everyone, Just when i think i am starting to understand this stuff i become a newbie again. I am running cm12 on my rooted LS980 with recovery installed and no sim at the moment want to update to CM 12.1 but what i understand is I just cant flash it like other nightlys. Is that true and if then what do i do to get 12.1 flashed on my device. I have tried to flash it like any other one but i get a big fail. Thanks for the help !!!
Tot to kitkat, take lollipop ota. Root, autorec then flash 12.1
ok thx i assume tot to kitkat with lg flash tools is that 4.4.2 what vrsion of stock is reccomended? then take lollipop ota which i assume is 5.0 root with???????? autorec for twrp and then flash 12.1/. Correct?????
If you tot to any version of kit kat the phone will update to lollipop. Paste this address into your browser for root tool. Sorry, don't know how to put link in post as of yet. Autorec file is specific to sprint. File name is something like omg so good version. Autorec will take care of everything else for you. Then just flash 12.1 and gapps normally.
What gapps version are you guys using with 12.1? Initially I flashed 7-17 but ran into issues with the Play Store being unable to download/install any apps. I flashed 4-21 and now I get occasional, seemingly random vibrations, sometimes up to 30 seconds long. Doesn't seem to interfere with operation though.