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Generally, the Custom ROMs do have some bugs right? like Wi-fi or Bluetooth. Just came up with idea that , wouldn't it be solved if some library files are replaced from Stock ROM ?

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In some cases it results but its no always the solution

Oh well. That lowered my expectations..


Note 4 Help

Well hello guys.. i'm following this forum since 2013. but i never registerd and asked for help..
Well my question is can someone give me advice for best Custom Rom for my note4..
if possible give me stable rom without to much bugs and with good battery life, you can give me few roms ( give me links in comments ) .. Anyway i appriciate your help and sorry for my bad eng and thread like this.
Hey Roms For Which Note 4 Variant(SM-N910F, N910C or which one you have)??
Hej man thanks for your answer..
Well i have SM-N910F
Hmm okay Well If you want Remain Close To Stock or Wanna All the Stock Features But Get Rid Of Some Samsung's Bloatware....
Rom Based on Stock Features
Stock & Deodexed Lollipop For N910F
SimplRom & SimpLite v4F For N910F with Xposed
If You like Cyanogen or AOSP
Official CM12.1 for 910F and 910G
CMRemix-Rom V8.X Based on CM 12.1
Thanks buddy
I dont mean to hijack the thread but what would you say to the same question, but I have a note 4 SM N910L (Korean) version?
If I'm Not wrong than Korean varinat is Different than N910F(Snapdragon),isn't it??
I'm not sure, Im very new to all this. Mine is having problems connecting to my provider at the moment and i was thinking (hoping) that this might solve the problem.
Explain your issue in Detail...
Which Firmware are you on now?
Rooted or Not?
You only want Custom Roms for this issue??
Explian more..perhaps we sort out the issue together
Hi, yup you are right, sorry. I have an SM N910 L using Lollipop 5.0.1 For a couple of weeks now I have been unable to connect to my provider. I have a data sim and everything worked fine for about 7 weeks and then it just stopped. I have tried everything to solve this issue.
Please see this thread:
The only thing I haven't tried is installing a custom ROM in the hope that somehow this will solve the issue. Do you think it might work? How exactly would I do this?


Hello! I want to switch from Sony Lollipop 5.1.1 to a stable AOSP based rom. I tried CyanogenMod 12.1 and AOSP Jaguar but I experienced screen freezes and general lag that makes me to go back to stock rom. It is a problem with my device or it is a problem with AOSP roms? What can I do in case that my device has this problem?
hi i tried all cm based roms and oasp roms and i can confirm you that all of them have screen freezes. There aren't any solutions expect to switch to stock based roms.
thanks for reply. I thought that my phone has problems, but now i am feeling comfortable.
No problem dude but it's strange because it seemed that some users don't have this issue. The only one i didn't tried is this one because i don't understand how to flash it. If you want to try. (the aosp one)
I will try it when i will have time. This one can be flashed via fastboot like on nexus devices if you want to try it
Hey dude just had an idea. Which gapps are you using? I personnaly have ever used open gapps ans Never tried other ones. Can't try to change now, but will probably tomorrow. I'm going to say you how it evolve. Say me if you find a solution or a rom without this issue.
I am also using open gapps, the aroma especially.
OK so i tried cm with tk gapps from here ans it is still freezing.
Hmm, I don't really know. I will give it a try without gapps when I will have time. For the moment I need a fully functional phone.

Infamous 3.0 home screen issue

Home screen seems a touch misproportioned is there a setting I'm not seeing to fix this? Thanks in advance.
HI ,
It seems to me you are rooted and running custom ROM and kernel ?
If so ,i think asking above question, in that paticular thread ,is better ?.
I have N910f ,rooted and on stock ROM and do not have any such issues .
good luck

Touch doesn't work only with custom roms !

I have a particularly strange problem.
I broke my Z1 screen and replaced it a while ago.
Now when I switch to any custom rom the touchscreen doesn't work anymore.
If I go to back to stock it works again !
This is 99% related to the fact that the display has been replaced but I can't figure out what's different in the custom roms ...
No one ?
Are you trying sony custom roms or cmbased roms ?
Both, I tried AOSP & CM !

Plzzzz help me....Please.

Hi I am facing a problem in my z2 plus which I purchased this January, I root the phone in march and then installed custom ROMs on a daily basis, I liked to try out the different ROMs available for my set, then I noticed that the battery life of my phone was decreasing, I thought it was because of a single custom ROM but no custom ROM gave me the perfect battery life, so if I install stock ROM will my battery performance be like it was ?
Try Qfil if battery backup is hindered because of some rom stuff then it will be resolved else it's hardware issue.
Can you plzz tell me what is QFIL.
Here you go.
Hope you have installed stock rom