Custom roms for htc desire 728g dual sim - XDA Assist

Hello 😃 I'm frustrated so much, I've been trying to download custom roms for my mobile for almost three days now with no luck. I honselsty don't fully get why they're so important after a root, I mean if didn't install them would I be risking bricking my phone in the future? I'm a kind of a noob at this, so any advice or pointers would be so helpful and greatly appreciated 😁 Thanks.
Also I've seen all the threads on here concerning HTC desire 728 and custom roms, tried the methods there but they didn't work. I know starting a new thread about an old issue is a kind of a drag but I hoped someone would see this and answer me.

Greetings and welcome to assist. If you are happy with just root then staying as you are is perfectly safe and there is no need to flash a custom rom. Most people flash a custom rom just to get the latest updates or a couple of new features.
If you have the dual sim version then most of the custom roms on xda will not work for your variant as it is different hardware. I did find this thread that I think has a custom rom for your variant
Please always make certain that you only flash a custom rom that is compatible with your variant or you may brick your phone
Good Luck


[Q] Several Questions Please Help

I bought an HTC One (M7) second hand. The previous owner had rooted the device among other things.
It's currently working on Rogers network.
Can you help me find out what the original software version/carrier was on it?
I was thinking of using the latest Rogers RUU but I don't want to wreck anything.
Is there anything that may hinder me from using the RUU?
The phone shows, S-On, *Tampered*, *Unlocked*
Please give me any advice you can and I can clarify anything you need.
I have experience flashing roms on other phones this one seems more complicated.
My main goal is to have a stable Android 4.4+ on my device.
I would leave it that way.
there are many good roms out there.
I use MaximusHD Rom it a good stable rom. with ota updates and many nice tweaks and customization.
You're saying I should leave it alone and just flash a custom Rom vs a stock one?
I actually like that idea.
But, if I wanted to go stock in the future could I just use the RUU or would I need to do some other changes first?
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Yeah just install a custom rom.
I need to go back to stock for warranty still trying to figure out what to do execty.
there are some guides on how to do that. but since you have a second hand I don't think you will have to ever go back to stock for warranty issues
help! im stuck in a bootloop and my phone is locked en Son what to do?

Flashing an unlocked phone

I'm planning on flashing my mom's phone to a custom ROM tomorrow, she's tired of all the AT&T crap that's gumming up her phone. It was originally locked to AT&T, but we've gotten the unlock from them, so it's unlocked now and on T-Mobile. Is there going to be any issues putting a custom ROM on it? Will it still be unlocked when I'm done? Any special steps I need to be aware of?
I am simply suggesting you search the forums and do lots of research first. These i717 forums are the best. I'm not on T-MO but I believe there are posts specific to it relating to which rom to flash, rooting procedures, etc. The "Super Everything" thread is always a great place to start.
If your Mom wants stable without issues, stick to a stock based ROM. Custom Roms come with brilliant perks but are not created for your individual phone's hardware like a stock ROM and may suffer in some (specific) ways. Good luck and have fun.
Perhaps this link will help
Or this one
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Thanks for the advice, but I want to go ahead with a newer ROM. They've abandonded it on ICS and I think she would benefit from going up to KitKat. Worst case, I flash it back down to stock.
I searched about the unlock, and didn't find anything.
FWIW a search of this forum gives results stating that you must unlock from stock. ( Standard exclaimer: your device may be different, etc.) I believe you can flash custom after that. Most people here have flashed dozens of ROMs on this device, myself included, but we are not all on the same carrier, etc.
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Just another link that may be of help.
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Installing a different rom

Hi , i just want to know if i could install a rom from other device on my device?
this is my device[ZT1 AND VARIANTS]
the device of the rom i want install[HTC HERO]
i think the specs are very similar , do you think i can install a hero rom without danger?
Most often NO....every device is different even the variants of same model have different hardware flashing may lead to a possible brick so never try unless the developer or other users specifically mention your device....In your case no is the answer
ok thank you for the aswer

[Q] Root and Custom ROM on Verizon HTC One Mini 2/HTC One Remix

Hey guys,
So I recently got the HTC One Remix (the Verizon version of the HTC One Mini 2) and I would like to root it and install a custom ROM for it (preferably Cyanogenmod). The problem is verizon makes it hard to do any of these things and sadly switching carriers isn't really an option any time soon so I am trying to make do.
HTC-Dev reportedly won't work with verizon phones and many of the solutions for the HTC One Mini 2 don't work for the Remix even though they are essentially the same phone. Cyanogenmod has the HTC One Mini 2 listed as a supported device but I am not sure if that will work with the Remix because a carrier is not specified.
I have yet to see anyone who has had any luck, so is there anyone out there at all who is running a custom ROM on a rooted HTC One Remix? If so, what did you use to obtain root (sunshine maybe?) and what custom ROM are you running?
I'm majorly new to this sort of thing so hopefully the solutions are relatively easy so I don't end up bricking my phone.
Any help at all would be much appreciated!
As far as I can see there aren't many hardware differencec between the two phones. The only problem is that at this point there is no other way of unlocking these phones then trough HTC dev. I don't think there is a lot of development going on with unlocking with other methods. How do you know HTC dev isn't supporting your device? Did you check if "All other supported models" in the list?
It a verizon exclusive and HTC Dev doesn't work on verizon phones. The carrier blocked it. There's also a disclaimer somewhere deep on the htc site.
Thanks though. I'm just frustrated because I like the phone but I also really want to root it. I've tried a couple of the easier methods like sunshine and towelroot and those don't work I'm only on 4.4.2 but with my low skill level in this area I'm not sure if there's much I can do. I know s-off and root aren't the same thing but that's supposed to make it easier to find a way to achieve root right?
Aha then i'm afraid there isn't much you can do. Only wait for s-off because but I don't think it is goanna happen. My previous device is a One X and they had a huge user/developer base but never achieved s-off. It seems HTC really did a good job at closing this down.
Hi all, I accidentally nuked my memwl stock rom via twrp.. am desperately seeking anything that will make it usable again..
Anyone know where I might find the original ROM? I have only found the stock recovery so far.
I need Stock recovery Please Send me the link
Hi. I might be able help you here.
Here is a link to what I'm pretty sure is the stock recovery. Note this dumb forum won't let me post links, so reassemble this yourself..
h t t p s
w w w . androidfilehost . c o m
Can't remember the exact cmd line.. something like adb flash recovery <file>
Now for the rom, I'll have to see if the link I got it from is still valid when I get home. There's a guy 'jcase' I think on the IRC that uploaded his personal backup that worked for me.
To be clear, the rom is for the HTC One 'remix' - Verizon's branded HTC one mini 2. There is NO working cyanogenmod that I know of.
btw you will need the TWRP recovery to restore from the rom backup when you get it, so the stock recovery might only be useful if the flash still has the recovery image on it.
Certainly worth trying first.
Good luck,
Xda Devs, please we HTC one remix users need a custom Rom and s-off for our device.... We would really appreciate it if you help us

[Q] Where do we stand with?

Hey guys. I'm thinking of gettring a G3 I haven't really messed around with rooting or custom roms in a few years. I was wondering if it's possible to root and load a custom on this phone? This phoine seems awesome... Is there a definitive guide or thread somewhere? I took a look and I'm not fully understanding all the terminology. Thanks!
Yeah, it's all rather simple to do also. You may have to downgrade to KK to root the phone, but after that everything gets gravy! Each model has a decent selection of AOSP and stock-based ROMs as well. The device specific threads should have tutorials on how to downgrade, root, and bump your device so that you can load that custom ROM you want.