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Hello Guys,
I have a Huawei Ascend G730 (Model: HUAWEI G730-U10). No boot, No power up, No nothing, but when plugged in a computer, the computer detects it. It detects it as an MTK Device.
I tried flashing it with SP FLASH Tools (I used at least 5 roms), all failed. It's an SP FLASH Error (“BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (0xFC0) ).
I tried searching for results on the interwebs but to no avail.
I also saw this ( But that guy was met with a stock answer.
If anyone knows. Pls do help.
Thanks in Advance.

Greetings and welcome to assist. Unfortunately I can not find any answers to your problem but several users who have had this issue with mtk devices. It does sound like your memory chip has failed unfortunately but I do hope I'm wrong
Good Luck


Can i Restore Lumia 520 Boot Using Miflash tool from Xiami?

As Long as i know some Xiaomi Devices have a qualcomm snapdragon Cpu's wich means they got stuck at the same problem like some Nokia Lumia's and other phones i found that the solution was to reflash the bootloader to get out of the Emergency mode and Go to normal boot mode so flash tools will Detect it and therefore i was trying to use the Miflash tool which flashes only the two files MPRG.hex and MsImage.mbn i tried it , it do some quick things when i checked the log it says catastrophic failure and it keeps saying sending hello command and no respond i tried to reconnect but nothing
it only flashs the hex file so can anyone explain what is really happening? as it seems logical to flash a qualcomm boot with a qualcomm tool
sorry for my noob question hope anyone can help
Greetings and welcome to assist. The lumia device is a windows phone isn't it ? Pretty sure flashing anything meant for android is going to cause issues. If you have corrupted your bootloader then this thread may help
Good Luck
well that was reallt helpfull thread but whenever i try to reflash my bootloader i got stuck on sending asci command : NOKD then it quits do you think that has a relation that my bootloader is locked? because i had a locked bootloader when i flashed a wrong firmware to my phone
thank you
Hi Sorry for the late reply, I'd be fairly confident your issue is related to the locked bootloader. Hope you managed to fix it

Utok D40 XS How to install the firmware again

Hi, i have this wonderfull phone (jk) which has encountered a problem with failed encryption, i don't know how. It tells me to reset phone but nothing works, wipe data+ wipe cache.
I've google the problem but little to now answers about this phone, just a thing on the official website but i've discovered that my micro usb has some problems too, and the software provided by utok is working only like that (tryed 3 cables same effect).
I can't find a rom to flash it with stock recovery so i'm stuck here trying to pack somehow the unpacked version which i have here : LINK
or can i find a compatible one for MediaTek 6572 ?
Greetings and welcome to asssit. There is very little information on your device and not 100% certain what you are trying to do. I can link you some tools that will unpack an .img file but can you not use adb/fast boot to reset the phone ?
I'll give it a try, also here's some photos with the error itself and when i factory reset he can't mount data.
//edit: i've tryed but can't connect my phone to computer succefully, all diferent drivers and tips, i think it has a problem with microusb. On the official website it says that phoe must be turned off and battery removed, then connect it to pc. When i do this it connecting then lose it then again and again. When i connect it started it remains connected but unkow to the Device manager.
Sry bad english, the verbs kills me.
The only other thing I can suggest is sp flashtools, hopefully this thread may help you
Good Luck

My lenovo S580 got stuck when i tried to clear the cache from the recovery

My lenovo S580 got stuck when i trued to clear the cache ftom the recovery mode.. it suddenly got switched of after that its just blinking and show "E:failed to mount /cache (invalid argument)" and then i have tried maybe the whole world to fix it but i couldn't. .i have tried QPST as it is snapdragon 200 processor but my downloaded ROM do not contain the firehose.mbn file nore the xml file to start flashin.. i have even tried SP Flash too though i know its only for MTK processors still i tried my luck but its as always not so lucky.. i have searched like 1 month to find a rom which can be flash through qpst or a tool which can help me but i failed.. i have seen that many of the forum do not reply about the problems of this particular phone I dont think xda is one of them so m here for bdgging a solution pls pls pls help me out of this problem ..A very soon reply is expected. Thank you in advance.
Greetings and welcome to assist. I don't know if this thread helps
also I think there is a custom rom for your phone here
Good luck
Sir, my phone is not also getting into the recovery mode its just stuck on the screen with an android with an exclamation sign on the stomach.. i have tried many times to get into recovery mode by pressing vol down + power key but it is not working as well..
And those links are expired ..I guess I really got a bad luck thank for your response
Is your device recognised by your pc ? Is it possible to use fastboot/sp flash tools ?
Yes my device is recognised by my pc ..its showing Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008 in my ports section in device manager.. but my device is not listed on my adb devices when tried flashboot...and my stock rom do not have a scatter file to be flashed with sp flash tool.
I think you may need usb debugging enabled to use adb which obviously isn't an option. Only other thing is to contact the manufacturer and see if they can help

I can not flash my Doogee Valencia2 Y100 Pro !!

Hi everyone
I can not flash my Doogee Valencia2 Y100 Pro, with Flash Tool.
I tried several different flash tools. and ROMs. Once I managed to phone worked only a SD card is not recognized. Then I wanted to again flash but unsuccessfully I have- BROM ERROR : S_BROM_CHKSUM16_MEM_RESULT_DIFF (2020)
Pc recognize when connecting the USB. I used the same tool and the folder and files than when I successfully flash. Now is not successful . Any suggestions?
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Bricked Alcatel OT 6030A reboots too fast for flashing

As the title says.
I've been trying to fix this phone, which apparently has gotten a bad flash. I've tried already with different Scatter files, ROMs, USB cables, PCs (both win 32 and 64 bits) and still I can't find a way around this.
Whenever I connect it, it either connects as a PreLoader or as a MTK device.
After 10 or 11 seconds the phone seems to reboot and the flashing progress interrupts abruptly.
Thanks in advance.
Greetings and welcome to assist. It looks like you have already asked this question here
so I will close this one up.
Good Luck