S7 Edge 935F XSG - Failed to mount /efs - bootloop - USB Disabled -> no adb - XDA Assist

Hi, I have an S7 edge that started to reboot and hang everyday a while ago (2 month and have it for 4 month). Lately after reboot it got to a boot-loop point where neither clear cache nor clear data solved it and had to reinstall firmware. Did that for a while a couple of times which was frustrating and don't really know what the problem is, probably the motherboard as I read online. not sure at all.
Nevertheless, that is not my only problem since the last time I flash the firmware (always used stock firmwares), somehow it broke the efs mount point or something and now is says "Failed to mount /efs" in the standard Samsung recovery mode. It is still on boot-loop, with no root access, no USB enabled, and no OEM allowed to be installed, so I am in a bit of trouble, can flash a non-stock and I don't really know what options I have.
I bought it overseas so Support says they won't help me.
Any Ideas?

Greetings and welcome to assist. It looks like you managed to fix your issue
which is excellent news so I'll close this up and enjoy your stay at xda


Can't flash unbranded Oreo ROM and "e: failed to find /misc partition" message after

Hi guys, here's the deal.
I've bought this phone from an Argentina company called Claro, it has all typical bloatware from the carrier, apps, logo boot, ringtones, etc. So I've decided to flash my brand new Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520M) with the unbranded OREO ROM version from SamMobile, with the 4 files through Odin. Well, the thing's that I didn't know that because of the new security patchs (and for what I know), the OEM unlocked option was disabled it was impossible to flash. I mean Odin recognized it but the steps didn't even appear like always did. I've investigated a bit and I saw that OEM was disabled and because of that, I'll have to wait a week or so to unlock the feature. I've read that setting the date a week back I was able to activate it. And so I did, and it worked, so I thought... I've plugged the phone with Odin in Download Mode and I was determined to finally flash the new ROM. Long story short, it got stuck on SET PARTITION, which I think is the first message that pop-ups on Odin when flashing. So, I waited and waited but nothing happened, I saw that the whole process got stuck. The only thing I remember to read was NAND START WRITTING and nothing else.
After several minutes with no response I've unplugged my phone, and I press the power button. I saw the Samsung logo on loop, I almost died. I've read some forums about the issue but nothing certain, I guess this problem is kinda new. My concern was that when I went to Recovery Mode I saw the message below the options "e:/ failed to find misc/partition" that's when I really thought that it was a real problem and probably my phone was bricked forever. Luckily I made the factory reset and then it booted again. The phone is working great but, I'm very concerned about that message that appears on Recovery Mode, there's something wrong with that partition and for what I read and know about it there could be something missing from my phone that could be essential.
Thoughts? What can I do? I also downloaded Samsung Smart Switch to try to recover the firmware and install it to begin again but the option won't appear. My phone is detected, but I can't use the Emergency Recover with the original Firmware on Smart Switch. One more detail, the phone was bought from a company and it has the logo, ringtones and app from that company. Reason why there's no Oreo update yet with the company, so I have to wait but I really want the unbranded Oreo ROM.
What can I do? I really want Oreo unbranded but I don't know how to procced without screwing my phone. Thanks for reading, this is my first post in the forum.
Which Odin version have you used?
Ok i tell you u have to do to recover your phone and get oreo 😉
1-u have to use new version of odin V13.3.1 (with LZ4 support )
2-Download any stock firmware oreo 8.0 from sammobile and flash it
Thats it
I case that not work with u so downlad combinition rom (factory binary rom ) and flash it
Wipe your phone then reflash stock rom oreo
It was very helpful for me
the latest version 3.13.1
No man, if it were that easy I wouldn't post anything. There's something that won't allow me to do it. It seems that because my phone is in "Pre-Normal" status on downlaod mode there's no chance to flash until it changes to "Normal," and for what I've read I have to wait one week. My question has to do with if is something serious the message "e: failed to find /misc partition" in download mode. What do I have to do from now on? Please read the whole post so you can understand my query. Thank you for your reply and intention to help.
I have simmilar message, but i am not even rooted. "Failed to clear BCB message : failed to find misc partition."
There is nothing to worry about.

[Q] Galaxy S3 stuck at boot. Failed to mount Data, failed to mount EFS

Hello, I have a Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) phone that is not feeling so well.
On startup it freezes indefinitely on the Samsung boot logo.
I am able to get into recovery and download mode.
In recovery I get errors - unable to mount Data, and unable to mount EFS.
The phone is recognized by the computer, both in Kies and Odin so flashing is possible.
It is not rooted and completely stock. Problem is that I don't know what version firmware it had.
There is unbacked information on the phone I'd like to recover.
What I've tried: Within Kies>Firmware upgrade and initialization (second option under tools) I enter the model number and then the serial, but I just get a message along the lines of "please check your model" (I entered GT-I9300).
The phone is generic international version from 2012, untouched (version-wise) since.
I very much appreciate any idea that might fix this. How can I find the right firmware? will it erase my memory? how can I restore the EFS partition?
Hey there. Creat a free account on the Sammobile Website. Than you can download this file from here:
Flash it through odin as PDA. Should work fine
Will it work even though it is intended for Android 4.3? The phone originally came with 3.0 or 3.1
Also I believe flashing firmware will not fix EFS?
Yes it does. It comes with 4.0.4 out of the box And it will work
YES! the new firmware fixed it completely. It is a bit slow, but alas that's probably the phone itself.
To anyone looking in the future:
This problem was caused by a faulty battery - the phone would turn off while working all the time, and eventually it corrupted the data and efs partitions. To my luck upgrading to new firmware fixed the problem.
Thank you.
No Problem man. Your welcome
I have a very important question with this methode.
Is the phone going back to factory settings??
A friend is having the same problem with his S3, but there are some very impotant pictures of him and his wife on the phone that we try to save(she died a view months ago)
My excuses for the bad english
Greating JW

OTA update bootlooped S8. Need Advice

So I have a SM-G950W (BMC (Bell) originally but using unlocked on RWS (Rogers)) . Nothing has ever been flashed before except for OTA updates.
I upgraded to the Oreo OTA update and my phone got stuck in a bootloop. Ive tried wiping Cache and Factory resetting and no dice.
I decided to flash the official firmware with odin. I downoaded BMC/RWC/XAC and have tried flashing each of those through the newest Odin (1.13.1). This always ends successfully.
On bootup I get to the Samsung logo and the LED blinks red and the phone reboots. This happens indefinitely.
Ive tried wiping factory and cache again after this and it did not help. If I flash the HOME_CSC instead of CSC It gives me an encryption error and wants me to factory reset, after that I get the same red led bootloop result.
Any ideas on what I can do/ Am I missing any steps?
EDIT: Unsure if this is related but in the recovery menu it says this at the bottom:
fail to open recovery_cause(No such file or directory)
Reboot Recovery Cause is [UNKNOWN]
No support SINGLE-SKU
File based OTA
Supported API: 3
remove failed dir '/system/carrier/ATT/priv-app/AttIqi_ATT' (No such file or directory)
[libfs_merger] Error fetching verity device number: no such device or address
[libfs_merger] Couldnt get verity device number!
[libfs_merger] Error removing device mapping: no such device or address
Successfully verified dmverity hash tree
Hi Mike, I have the same issue that you are reporting and in the recovery menu, it says the same as yours at the bottom. I didn't find any solution for having the phone stop rebooting. Please, if you have found any solution share it. I'll do the same if I can get the phone out of the boot looping. What I have done so far is flash the phone with the last official firmware downloaded with SamFirm.
I'm not sure but the problem might be related to the firmware. I'm now downloading an older firmware (with android 7.0) to check if the phone starts ok with that firmware. I'll let you know if I have good news.
I found a solution!!
Hey, just want to share how I stopped the bootlooping.
You will need to flash your phone following this post https://forum.xda-developers.com/gal...rrier-t3627255 and download Firmware from Updato. Do not download the last version of the Firmware, because it will continue doing the bootloop. I've downloaded the following firmware:
Galaxy S8 / SM-G950U1 / 7.0 Nougat(Android ) / December 26, 17
And the phone has started!
Remember to use the last version of Odin from this post https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho...&postcount=276
If not you will not be able to flash your phone.
Hope you can fix the phone as I have done!
Let me know when you fix it.
Hey Mike,
You are not alone. Samsung apparently has messed up another OTA again. I have the same issue after Oreo update. Showed my phone to a certified Samsung repair shop and they said they had several people showing up that day with the same issue and they were not able to fix it. The best bet to contact Samsung Customer Support and they will assist you in sending your phone to a repair center.
I hope there was a faster way to fix the issue.
Hey Mike, I have updated my first answer with a workaround to fix the bootlooping. Let me know if it works in your case that I think was the same as mine.
Hey Guys. Having the same exact issue for G955U1. I would to know if what gorito17 suggest fix the issue besides him.

OA3 BOOST triband ODIN stock out there

Hell! I meant to say HELLO ! But probably "hell" is context appropriate too!
I bought a BOOST specific Samsung SIII this week and rooted it. I used ODIN 3.04 and TWRP then Chainfire's SuperSU and PhilzTouch with SUCCESS.
(It's Jan 2017 by the way).
But afterwards, like when I was done installing all my usual post-root utilities, I was fooling around in TWRP and wiped the dalvik cache. I am now stuck in a bowl of BOOTLOOPS and all I can do is either boot to TWRP and flip to different utility screens in TWRP, or boot into DOWNLOAD MODE (fully functional: able to download from ODIN I mean), or power-up and BOOTLOOP with the Boost LOGO coming on before it reboots.
What have I done! Where can I get a stock image for this phone? So far I haven't found one anywhere on the net.
I have tried to use KIES 2, KIES 3 and Smartswitch to enter my model and IMEI (using the HEX # behind battery for IMEI).
I then bought ANOTHER SIII cheap. Rooted that one and used Smartswitch to back it up. I won't screw this one up but I don't believe I screwed the first one up either, just need stock. But the new phone is NOT OA3 (I had no way to know this when I ordered it from Amazon lol)
I would really appreciate --I mean tremendously appreciate--any one who had time for a couple back-and-forth messages to intervene and advise!
I realise that wiping the dalvik cache may not have caused the issues I am having. When I was in TWRP mode I may have done something else--can't remember--I have neurological problems besides being a newbie. I just feel pretty sure that if I can ODIN an .iso tar of boost kitkat for this SPH-L710T all will be well but hell I know less than nothing and hate myself for not know what I did
Greetings and welcome to assist. Have you tried kies/smartswitch emergency firmware recovery ? This should return your phone to stock. You could also use twrp to flash another rom from here
Good Luck
When I put Smartswitch on my computer, it couldn't identify the broken SIII (unknown device error).
(Smartswitch DID identify the other functional Boost SIII )
It's crazy that it boots all the way to the Boost logo screen then reboots. What is happening?
Is there any chance you can walk me through some steps--I am having trouble finding functional mirrors to things and I'm not sure if I should just give up--I don't give up easily but, being inexperienced in this realm, feel foolish in the event the bootloop is a permanent, irremediable error. Then anyone else comes here will see the original thread title and feel heartened.
I seem to need a stock image for OA3 L710T. I see loads for L710 but then the radio won't turn on, according to what I have gathered.

[Q] Phone stuck in boot loop (non-rooted)

My friend has a UK S3 on the 3 network.
The other day when turning it on it it just gets as far as the first screen with the white text "Samsung galaxy S3 GTi9300". It gets no further and remains on that screen until the battery is pulled. If the power button is held it simply powers off and then immediately back on again.
Whilst she has dropped the phone in the past it has only suffered cosmetic damage and the occasional non requested power off and on(yeah the drops may have damaged something internally). However, no further falls/water damage etc was experienced by the phone when the problem above occurred.
I should also stress that the phone was not rooted and she thinks was on 4.3.
In an attempt to fix it (i have a rooted s3 so know a bit about the phone) i was able to get the phone into recovery mode. The below picture is what was displayed and did not look good.
We tried wiping the cache and when that was unsuccessful at completing, tried a factory reset. This was also unsuccessful, citing issues mounting E:
I was next thinking of trying to reinstall the firmware via Odin. However i would be unsure of exactly which version to use, given her uncertainty of if the phone is indeed network branded and on version 4.3 of android. Is there any way i can check this with the phone in its current state?
Does anyone have any ideas what to try next or what the issue may be? Thanks
Follow the guide in general forum to flash the latest stock firmware for your country, doesn't matter if generic or branded.
If that fails then try the rescue firmware (search in general forum) which includes a pit file so be very careful.
The emmc chip is either corrupt or damaged, the first is recoverable the second is terminal.
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Hi thanks for your help.
I have used Odin to flash 4.3 three network firmware (I9300XXUGND3_I9300H3GGND1_H3G). Whilst odin successfully pushed the file to the phone and it installed fine, the phone only boots so far as the samsung logo with the blue circle around it (progress at least).
I then went to recovery and wiped to factory to see if this would help. Unfortunately it made no difference.
I am therefore about to try your second suggestion and have found the following thread:
I have downloaded the 4.3 zip from that site and proceeded to load the 4 elements in Odin. However i could not find the pit file in the zip. Is this something i have to find separately? If so could you help me locate it? i tried a quick search but don't want to get the wrong one.
Only mess with pit files as a last resort as there is a very high chance of borking the phone permanently.
Remove the sim card and the microsd, factory reset from recovery, use odin. Factory reset again then odin again. I had to flash twice to get my phone to reset.
Ask if the phone was ever unlocked, bought from carphone warehouse or bought from asda. If so the chances are its a btu and unlocked. Try to find out if it was ever ota updated (end of 2013 for btu, later for operator).
This thread
If the pit is missing read the last couple of posts.
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Hi thanks for the advice. I will try flashing one more time before the other more drastic method then. Just in case.
Unfortunately the owner is not very good with tech and so can't answer most of those questions that you've listed as i asked her them initially.
She believes she bought from a 3 shop, it has not been unlocked, thinks it had 3 software on it, believe's she got an update about a month ago. seems to point to 3 firmware to me and version 4.3.
Hi, I have a question: Is there a way to recover the emmc chip from corruption?
Yes, read two posts above yours.
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Just an update for those that are interested.
Tried flashing the latest 4.3 three network firmware again. Whilst odin said it was successful, it still wouldn't boot past the samsung logo screen (even wiped to factory from recovery).
I then tried the rescue firmware that boomboomer kindly linked to. I used the pit file from the 4.1.2 download, otherwise the remainder of the files from the 4.3 version. Again odin successfully pushed the files to the phone and it seemed to accept it ok. However it made no difference and the phone still gets to the same point.
Recovery mode looks no different to that shown in the picture previously (not sure if it displays) with the same errors of
E: failed to mount /efs (Stale NFS file handle)
E: failed to mount /system (invalid argument)
The android has fallen over with a red triangle too.
Think i'll have to give up on any further fix therefore and tell her it can't be saved. She is looking for a new hone soon so isn't too much of a loss.
Thanks everyone for your help, really appreciate it.