coolpad dazen 1 bricked - XDA Assist

Phone in entering fastboot via IMG mmc
Tried installing Stock ROM via YGPD tool got error
Unknown error:3, last error:997, msg:Cp_T1
Also tried installing recovery via fast boot got error
FAILED <remote: partition table doesn't exist>
Anyone can help can't find system.IMG file anywhere links are dead

Greetings and welcome to assist. Unfortunately I can not find any firmware for your device but did find this guide to unbrick your phone
Good Luck


Huawei Y330 CWM

Hi guys.....i have tried to install a cwm recovery on this phone for quite a while....the devices having no official cwm.....i made it with mtkdroid tools....but it would end with an error saying failed to write to block i tried to flash the cwm via sp flashtool....again it failed saying error img dl sign-header not found....i guess that meant that the recovery was not signed hence it cant be flashed...i tried to dd the img via terminal emulator and the process would be a success only to find that the phone cant boot neither enter recovery mode......the latter is already fixded...but the cwm still is not my recovery....plz help me in doing this.... The phone has a MT6572 SOC chip....and its not mtd........and the recovery partition is squeezed in a mmcblk0 partition which has alot of stuff going on....
Thanks for using XDA Assist if cwm is for your device specific then contact developer of that cwm who released .. if you are trying to install CWM from other device then do not do so you will end up bricking your device to unrecoverable state ..
Good Luck!

TWRP Not booting correctly

Hello, today I tried to manually root my acer.
First I downloaded all my drivers, programs, recovery, scatter etc. The next thing I did was unlocking my bootloader so I could use flash tool to put twrp on it. The program told me it was successful. So I tried booting in the twrp. It did not work: factory mode opend. I tried to redo it multiple times but it still doesn't work does anybody know how i can fix it? I am using a acer liquid z530 (T02). I uses the default rom and runs android 5.0.1
Greetings and welocme to assist. Are you sure you have a compatible twrp for your device ? If so please try to fastoot into the recovery.img, if this is possible try flashing latest su zip through the fasbooted recovery img as it may be dm verity preventing twrp from booting
Good Luck

Help for Lenovo S920-row softbrick: bootloop

Hi! After how many days of searching for sol'ns, I couldn't fix the s920 of my friend.
History: I rooted and installed twrp recovery, and forgot to unlock the bootloader of the phone (I didn't done any nandroid backup ). I did a basic factory reset then when I flashed a custom rom, it failed . Then when i rebooted the phone, it was stucked at bootloop. I couldn't access bootloader (since it wasn't unlocked) but I can still acces the twrp recovery. Then I decided to download it's stock rom/firmware but it failed. The error was showing E: unable to mount /data, unable to mount /emmc, unable to mount storage.
Is there any way I can fix this? I tried wiping again the data and storage but it shows the same error
I tried using spflash tool but flashing also failed, it can't detect the phone. The mediatek preloader USB VCOM appears at first then after 1-2 seconds it disappears. When i open the driver, it shows the phone isn't connected (code 45). I badly ne.eded help . Thank you
Thank you for using XDA Assist. First, please create an account so you can post in other forums. After that, you can ask your question here:
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You'll find expert advice there. Good luck and welcome to XDA!

Pmt error in spft

I have an issue in SP Flash tool while flashing custom (twrp) recovery, i loaded scatter file and connected my phone to pc but I'm getting same error again and again "PMT changed for the ROM, it must be downloaded" then i searched on Google and it was told that formatting phone in sp flash tool will fix the issue that meant the whole system will be wiped so it doesn't make any sense because that solution was for flashing the rom not for recovery if i did reformate in the same way I'll surely get my phone bootlooped so the recovery will be of no use, I've flashed my phone 2 days back and updated to the latest build and now i try hard to root but no luck i have infinix hot s and i know how to root it but the only problem is the pmt error that keeps getting popup. Can someone here please help how to ged rid of this irritating msg that keeps on occurring while flashing recovery? I hope so
Thank you
Greetings and welcome to assist. Can you fastboot into the recovery img and flash latest su zip to disable dm verity ?

lenovo k4 note error in boot.img

i tried unlocking the bootloader using recovery unlocking methods and through sp flash tool, rooting the android version 5.1 thorugh kingroot, then after installing the twrp.img it reboots and throw up an error showing as invalid .img file and install a lenovo.img itself and further it keeps restarting i tried the same with many twrp(recovery.img) files available in many links found in youtube and also in few threads of xda, but nothing working rather than landing up in the same boot error.
pl somebody help me out in the link with working custom boot loader .img and also with steps rather than facing the landing up in the same error.
I will try to install recovery with flashify and my devices can't turn on
It will shows invalid boot.img
Help me.....
Sorry for my bad English