Redmi 2 ,CM14.1 Reboot issue - XDA Assist

Redmi 2 reboots itself while turning on Data connection in cm14.1 nightly..
Please anyone help me.
Thank you.

Greetings and welcome to assist. You need to ask this question in the rom thread, without owning the device or having any logs it is impossible for us to know what is wrong


Guys Help Me I'm new to this about redmi note 3

I want some information about Unlocking bootloader in redmi note 3
How to install TWRP please give me like I understand please
Please reply
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Greetings and welcome to assist. Please give us chance to reply before you post again, there is a dedicated forum for your device here
If you ask there the experts will be able to help you

Mi4i Sensors issue

I am using Mi4i with official CM13 but now all my sensors have stopped working. Have searched multiple forms but couldn't find any answers or workaround.
Please Help.
Thanks In advance...
Greetings and welcome to assist. You really need to ask this question in the thread for the rom you flashed, without owning the device I can't really test it

need help

I have a sprint note 4 n910p and i'm trying use the norma n7 v8 rom. what do I need to get this started?
Greetings and welcome to assist. Both variants share the same processor so its possible, probably just need to fix the data issue. If you ask your question here
the experts there will be able to help yoo
Good Luck
Thank you! I have everything working, but i'm having issues with the bluetooth

Redmond note 3 rooting process help

Hi I guys I have Redmi note 3 running on Maui developer rom I want to root my phone and install twrp recovery please suggest me a working method...
Greetings and welcome to assist. I have looked through your posts and can see you already now the correct place to ask this question here
Good luck

Lenovo K3 Note Freeze and Reboot Problem

I have a Lenovo K3 Note since last April.
Everything was ok, until couple of days ago that the phone started to freeze and reboot randomly, in such a frequency that is practically unusable.
Before this the phone was bloated with annoying chinese apps.
I've restored to factory settings, with no luck.
Is it a hardware failure or it is something with software/firmware? How could I find which is the case? Is there any solution to fix the problem?
Thanks in advance
Hi and thank you for using XDA Assist
Try asking here:
Lenovo K3 Note Discussion
The experts of the device will know better how to help you.
Good luck!
thank you very much!
I 'll try there