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I have a OnePlus 3, rooted. Using a custom ROM (Resurrection Remix 5.8.0 [7.1.1]).
And basically I cannot receive emojis in any kind of SMS apps. I can send them but the recipient will receive a blank text where the emoji was supposed to be.
I can receive them from other users, but not send them. If I send one to myself I also get a blank block. I have tried a lot of different ROMs and a lot of different SMS apps.
I searched around and the problem seems to be in the encoding of the SMS, but I don't have any option to change it.
Any help?
Thank you

Hi !
Which language input do you use ?

I use Portuguese. The keyboard, if it matters, is swiftkey.

Because certain input methods doesn't properly show the emoji especially when you use a emoji plugin other than the one built in the keyboard
Switch to a different language for a try
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Just tried to use English instead but the emoji problem persists.
I don't know why but it works fine on oxygen-based roms.

I just tried Tesla with its default AOSP keyboard, English, is working fine, may be a carrier issue, try another sim card
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Tried with another sim card and another couple of roms, still the same.
This is so weird.

Well as a last resort I only recommend to perform a full wipe of your device and install the stock ROM without restoring anything from backup, be it Titanium or anything else, it may be an incompatible application if you have backups from different devices
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I'm going to try that then.
Thanks for all the help by the way!


Getting MMS/SMS working on Cyanogenmod builds

I'm wondering if anyone here with the developer edition (KLTE) has gotten MMS/SMS working on CM12.1 or CM13.0? I've flashed the KLTE builds (TWRP won't let me flash KLTEVZW) and after setting the APN I get 4G LTE data, but anytime I try and send any SMS it says "Network not available, will resend when available". Anyone figured out how to get it working? I've asked here but apparently no one there cares about the Verizon developer edition of this phone...
I'm using revolution remix marshmallow and have encountered issues with mms. Using an alternate SMS program works(textra), but no others work? To pin down the issue, maybe give it a try?
You just flashed the KLTE build found here and installed Textra then?
Too bad the Verizon Messages app doesn't work like Textra.
Yeah I'd like the included Version to work, it just doesn't. I also tried a half dozen others that don't. Textra just works, but WHY?
Because textra is awesome :P
I still like Verizon Messages way better. More features, easier to see all the pictures and links shared within the conversation. Until Textra has something like that, I'll still with VM.
Thats fair, I just love the clean look of textra, and how reliable it has been for me. I use vzw messages on my tablet and I have to admit it is a great app, I still like Textra better for my phone though :P.

[Q] SMS Fix

Hi guys, i have searched everywhere for how to fix sms characters limit on OB KU5900 on this forum and on google too but i didn't find any answer, can anyone help me on this query? the ICS one method didn't work here on 2.3.4
Are you talking about the 160 character limit? I don't know that there's a "fix" for the stock messaging client. Not all phones can handle messages over 160, so you could run into issues dealing with other phones/networks.
You could try another SMS client. Pansi is awesome for GB, and has a toggle for the 160 character limit. It's my favorite messaging app and fully themeable. GoSMS was also nice, but I don't recall the ability to toggle the 160 limit.
So the stock P970 messaging and phone apps applications won't work on this device? i am downloading Pansi now and i'll let you know how it goes
The stock messaging application works well, and I use it on occasion (actually, I've trimmed things down and use it as my primary right now). It just splits large messages into parts. Some carriers can't or won't deal with large messages.
Pansi is really nice. I'd use it with adfree; the older version of Pansi was a no-ad option, but they've recently changed. It's still an awesome app.
You mean the stock P970 messaging application works on KU5900??
No. I don't know that. But you can always try it.
I once tried in on ICS but i got too many force closes, i have downloaded V30J_00.kdz due to ussd code and sms problems with 2.3.4, only problem here is ussd code work but they suddenly disappear even before i close them, (they don't stay on my screen)
Did Pansi work?
Yes it did but i just wanted to use default phone applications so i decided to flash V30J

[Q] aosp sms app

Is there any way to install the stock android SMS app on our phones?
I don't trust the third party SMS apps and the stock one has that damn curser reposition bug thing.
I asked the same thing and haven't had luck yet. SMS works fine, but MMS won't work. I've tried about 5 different versions all with the same result. One member on the IRC mentioned I needed to change the APN settings, but it seems to be a hidden menu and I didn't want to dig to deeply and break my MMS for good or something. So, I'm using GO SMS since I can't stand the cursor bug.
Keep praying to the XDA Gods that AOSP/CM10.1 ROMS are coming soon.
Man I can't wait for cm bro. Can't come soon enough
I'm curious to find out if this would work too, I hate the vibrate patterns that LG has created for SMS
I'm running AOSP 4.2 keyboard and no problems with cursor.
Link please??

[Q] About Fascinate Rom that suported Chinese language

Hey guys!
I am currently using a Verizon Fascinate. I can use Chinese input method downloaded through the Market but I can not send it through text msg. All of friends who have smartphones (ones can decode chinese characters) are not able to read the msg they receive from me (just bunch of crap lol).
Just flashed with my phone with Superclean 2.6 and it works great.
I wonder if there is any rom that suport Chinese internally.
Thank you very much.
Try miui, it seems to be laced with chinese characters
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Would you like to tell me which one of it is the right version? I could not see the page for Fascinate in the main page of MIUI forum.
Is the MIUI rom you are using support Chinese?
The Fascinate port of MIUI is here (it's not official). Mind you, it's a very alpha version, with loads of things not working. Also, are you sure that (verizon's) SMS even supports non-ascii characters? I would actually be rather surprised if it did.
There's a bunch of keyboard app's you can download from the marketplace. The one that I use is Smart keyboard, and you have to download the chinese dictionary separately.
Just flashed it. Msg in Chinese is not working. The thing is that I can reveive Chinese msg fine (from my friends with different carrier of course, like AT&T so I thought Verizon starting to suport non-ascii characters with the release of IPhone 4). But anyways, Thank you very much.

Stock emoji issue?

I recently noticed that when using the stock emojis that there are now a few blank spaces where it appears emojis used to be. I haven't changed any settings, though I was briefly using Go SMS but stopped(and uninstalled it) due to the MMS and other bugs. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, or is this normal and I just never noticed this before...?
I've always had this issue even after re-flashing the keyboard and completely flashing my phone back to stock.
I think it's some weird issue that everyone experiences, and I'm not really sure how google overlooked it.
(couldn't find anything in google reports)
Hmm that's disappointing, hopefully there's a patch with the next update. Or at lease GO SMS gets their act together and updates their app to fully work with the nexus 4. Thanks for the response!
I just wanted to go ahead and bump this thread. We have had the update for 4.2.2 and still this problem exists for me.
I had maybe one or two blank squares with stock android on my nexus 4 so it wasn't a huge issue but Ive recently flashed a new rom and upon enabling the android emoji support, even more of the tiles came up blank than before. There are about 10 blank tiles scattered throughout.
I have gone into the add on dictionaries in the android keyboard and deleted and re installed emoji for English but it did not affect anything.
Anyone else having this problem or know of a way to fix the issue without having to use another app?
surely others have to be having this issue
i always had the few blank spots on several different roms.
always thought it was an issue with the emoji keyboard itself.
never found an updated version of it though.
i actually dont even use it anymore.
i only use emoji in texts and the emoji options in CM and PA work well
I dont think it would be an issue with the keyboard itself because when i installed it on stock i only had a couple blank tiles and when i installed it on my paranoid android rom there were about 10 randomly blank squares. I dont know if its messing up during installation or what?
and i would be willing to bet that other people have different tiles left blank than i do.
Its just annoying because i can see most peoples emojis but when they happen to use one of the ones that are blank on my phone, they also show up blank in whatever message i am reading (text/twitter) so i see some of them but not all of them
Hmmm. So maybe we should be asking Moles.
Or at least figure out which ones we are missing.
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well i was missing some on stock too just not as many. I dont know if some errors occur during installation or what happens.
im missing 2 in nature, 4 in living things, 1 in faces, 1 in foods, 5 in symbols.
what do you guys have blank?
I reinstalled Banks version of the emoji which is located
And I was only missing about four or five
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did you uninstall the previous one first or what were the steps you took to re install?