TWRP Not booting correctly - XDA Assist

Hello, today I tried to manually root my acer.
First I downloaded all my drivers, programs, recovery, scatter etc. The next thing I did was unlocking my bootloader so I could use flash tool to put twrp on it. The program told me it was successful. So I tried booting in the twrp. It did not work: factory mode opend. I tried to redo it multiple times but it still doesn't work does anybody know how i can fix it? I am using a acer liquid z530 (T02). I uses the default rom and runs android 5.0.1

Greetings and welocme to assist. Are you sure you have a compatible twrp for your device ? If so please try to fastoot into the recovery.img, if this is possible try flashing latest su zip through the fasbooted recovery img as it may be dm verity preventing twrp from booting
Good Luck


Galaxy Note 10.1 Root or Flash recovery

I have got a problem to do anything with my tablet N8010. Some time ago I flashed custom ROM Lineage 14.1 (android 7.1) using custom recovery TWRP. Everything works fine except on some bugs in the ROM. These bugs convinced me to flash good old stock Kitkat ROM. But there is a problem. My USB port is somehow broken - I bless god that it charge battery at least but data communication is dead even when using different accessories. Problem is even worse because I managed to flash stock recovery over TWRP. If I recapitulate this, I cannot flash stock ROM over odin because USB data transfer does not work. I am stuck with stock recovery which allow me to flash only Samsung signed ZIPs.
The target is to either root Lineage ROM or get back custom recovery somehow.
What i have tried already:
LineageOS -
This ZIP should be flashed through custom recovery to achieve ROOT access but thanks it is unusable unfortunately thanks of absence of Samsung's signature
Since i cannot root device through USB cable I have to use applications to try to reach root state. I have tried most common apps for this kind of purpose but non of these worked.
Ideas to solve this kind of problemADB-ROOT option in LineageOS
I can enable ADB-ROOT access in developers settings. I know there is a way of connecting to ADB via Wi-Fi. This I have tried already and I was successful.
Questions:Will the Wi-Fi connection persist event when going to bootloader?
Is it possible to flash custom recovery at least from booted Android through ADB?
Is there any other way to flash or root recovery not from bootloader?
Use stock TAR.MD5 file
I managed to get all IMG files from stock firmware .md5 file but is it useful somehow? Can i just put them into ZIP archive and flash it through stock recovery or ADB-ROOT?
Prepare ZIP for stock RECOVERY
I would either need custom recovery ZIP (not IMG or tAR.MD5 file) to flash it through stock recovery or create / change / delete some attributes in ZIP file to be able to pass the signature verification of stock RECOVERY
This is my situation. External SD and Wi-Fi are only friend of mine in this situation and I am asking you kindly if I am stuck with ROM I have or if I have a chance to resolve the issue and flash stock ROM.
Thank you
Have a look and see if Mobile Odin or Flashfire work on this tablet .
Mobile odin works but i do not have rooted devive
Flash supersu zip .
Since i am stucked with stock recovery, the signature verifying fails. I does not work.
I have managed situation by following this article. Also, do not forget to type adb root before typing adb shell

Please help me fix completely bricked Micromax Canvas A311

So, I kind of rooted my device using Kingo Root and it wasn't successful (I guess). So, in fastboot mode, I tried OEM unlock and it didn't work too; but anyway, I flashed TWRP recovery into my phone and through that I tried to install CM 13,14 custom ROMs which was completely unsuccessful. It doesn't allow me to install any ROM. And says that root privilege is lost. And now, all that I have access to is a phone stuck in bootloop and TWRP which doesn't allow me anything to do because apparently root access is lost.
I tried every method of flashing via YGDP tool and it is stuck at 'entering download mode'. I have installed different drivers over and again to fix as suggested by different threads but still, it's the same. [Windows 8.1] . And is there any other tool to flash this same stock ROM or better, can I get root access again in a bricked device and install a custom ROM any way?
I also have access to ADB sideload via TWRP, so can I get stock ROM in .zip format. So far, I can only find it in .CPB format; maybe I can use .zip stock ROM via ADB sideload to flash it. Please help if any of this is possible.
*Apology for such a long question but I think you guys must know everything in order to provide me with a fix*
Its fixed now, I assume it was because of the ROM file being downloaded through chrome in phone, I downloaded ROM and GApps in PC and flashed through TWRP and bam! Its back on
TWRP - 2.4.4
ROM - Resurrection Remix 5.7.2
Thanks anyways!

Caught in Recovery Bootloop

Recently I flashed through TWRP Resurrection Remix new 7.1.1 Nougat on my Tmobile Note3. Was working great. I had the newest twrp 3.0. I was looking at a custom ROM that said I would need CWM so I downloaded CWM from Google play and I ran it. I decided to back up through CWM and it rebooted my phone. My phone rebooted into recovery, and is stuck in recovery bootloop now. It keeps rebooting into recovery. I tried to fix by taking out battery for a long time but when I turn it on againit goes back to recovery in the loop. It can power into download mode. I don't know what to do in that mode though. Please help me. If I'm to use a computer to flash a different OS please include all links to find the downloads as well as the links for finding the usb drivers. Anyone know what I'm to do?
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I find it odd that you would find a ROM that suggests CWM instead of TWRP, but the way I see it is you go back to Resurrection Remix or try to flash the new ROM you found with TWRP (2.8.7 is recommended)
You can download the .tar file for TWRP 2.8.7 here:
For clearer instructions, you can visit this post:
These are instructions to flash back to stock, root and install TWRP 2.8.7
I suggest right after doing this, you flash the ROM you want, that will guarantee a "cleaner" installation of the ROM
Good luck!
Thank you for your help. I did all the clear instructions from the thread. I couldn't get the CF auto root to stick. Also couldn't find a surfboard for TWRP 2.8.7, they only have 2.8.0 on the TWRP site, or TWRP 3.0. Ultimately I've got my original factory stock lollipop back. I'm no longer rooted. I had rooted before through KingRoot. I tried again and it says that I'm out on a list for root for my phone. So my phone works again. I guess I should be happy with that.
If you want to root, you could try flashing cfautoroot with Odin.
I did try to flash CF auto root with Odin after I flashed back to the stock ROM. But it didn't work. It stayed stuck on the T mobile screen for a very long time. So I just gave up trying to root again and stayed with the stock ROM without root. Thanks. Maybe I'll try again and see if it'll work next time.
Flashing twrp with Odin and flashing supersu from twrp had always worked for me.
Will that root my device?
Yes. When I want root with stock recovery, I use cfautoroot. When I want a custom recovery and root, I flash twrp and supersu.
OK. Thanks. Also, which version of TWRP? I can't seem to find a download for, only for and 3.0 on the official TWRP site. Also where can I find SuperSu? Do I flash SuperSU with TWRP once TWRP is on phone? I read somewhere that the best version for TWRP is, but I can't find it anywhere.
Twrp for T-Mobile note 3:
Flash twrp using Odin. Olen Odin, do not check anything except f reset time. Flash twrp. When you see the word reset in the status window, remove USB cable from phone, remove battery, replace battery, use button combination to boot into recovery, connect to computer, copy supersu to phone memory, flash supersu from twrp.

Pmt error in spft

I have an issue in SP Flash tool while flashing custom (twrp) recovery, i loaded scatter file and connected my phone to pc but I'm getting same error again and again "PMT changed for the ROM, it must be downloaded" then i searched on Google and it was told that formatting phone in sp flash tool will fix the issue that meant the whole system will be wiped so it doesn't make any sense because that solution was for flashing the rom not for recovery if i did reformate in the same way I'll surely get my phone bootlooped so the recovery will be of no use, I've flashed my phone 2 days back and updated to the latest build and now i try hard to root but no luck i have infinix hot s and i know how to root it but the only problem is the pmt error that keeps getting popup. Can someone here please help how to ged rid of this irritating msg that keeps on occurring while flashing recovery? I hope so
Thank you
Greetings and welcome to assist. Can you fastboot into the recovery img and flash latest su zip to disable dm verity ?

Unable to recognize the recovery mode!

Hi, my name is Apurv
I was looking for a TWRP recovery for my Mediatek MT6580 phone Homtom Ht3.
I came across a boot image which said that it is for only mediatek phones and can be flashed using flashify only.
Sorry since I am new, I can't insert outside links and images.
I followed all the steps given on the site and flashing the boot image was successful.
When I checked whether this new recovery works or not, my phone directly booted to Factory mode
with following options:- Auto Test, Manual Test, Item Test, Test Report, Debug Test, Clear eMMC, Version, Reboot.
I don't recognize this recovery. Is it TWRP? Because I believe it is CWM. And if it is CWM then how can I go to the Recovery mode?
I do have Kernel and Stock backups on flashify, if I install them, is it going to reinstall my original recovery?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi !
the "boot.img" file you have flashed is not a recovery , it is a kernel
The messages you have seen are most probably related to a recovery , maybe stock recovery
Restore the boot img and stock ( I`m not sure what "stock" is ) if you have saved it and if you`re able to restore it
Good luck !