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Hi guys, I'm from South Africa and I really need help right here!
After updating (not manually) my Huawei P8 Lite ALE-LO2 to android 6.0 it was working perfectly. A few days ago the phone started freezing and powering off, when I try powering the phone on it just flashes a red and green LED light and doesn't switch on, sometimes it does switch on but freezes on the Huawei logo. When I plug it in a charger it still flashes red and green light. Sometimes it would take me to rescue mode and says I need to re-update the system. The problem is I can't power it on, and therefore I can't do anything on the device.
Your help will be highly appreciated.


Ascend P6 dead

My Huawei ascend P6 is dead after firmware update, my original was B103, I try to upgrade to B125.
Now is dead and cant power it on, no sings of life, no led when connect to charger to pc. nothing
Can`t go to recovery mode nothing, I try power button + volume down, and wolump up. nothing happents.
Can I do something more or only go to service ?
I this happened doing the official update the "official way", i would contact the service before messing with it on your own (and messing with your warranty)..

[Q] Huawei Honor 6 H60-L02 is only showing white screen when i turn it on

when i turn my mobie on it only showing white screen . and after connecting my phone with pc if i press vol (-) and power key then its showing firstboot and resque mood. i connet my phone with hisuite and try to recover it but after compleet the download 100% the phone is disconnet form the pc automatically.. and all those problem was start when i try to upgare my phone.. after upgrading 30% it failed, so i restart the phone,, and from then its not working anymore... please help me
thanks for reading

HTC M7 cannot turned on after RUU flashed

I have an htc m7_ul with s-off. I tried updating to lolipop using PN07IMG_M7_UL_L50_SENSE60_MR_HTC_Europe_7.19.401.5 1_Radio_4T.35.3218.16_10.33Q.1718.01L_release_4588 which failed in some parts of the flashing process and put my phone into RUU only mode.
After that I managed to flash M7_UL_JB_50_HTC_Europe_1.20.401.1_Radio_4A.13.3227 .06_10.27.1127.01_release_308001_signed_2_4 which completed SUCCESSFULL without any errors. The phone rebooted and hopefully Htc quietly briliant logo appear and everything seems fine. Unfortunately this wasn't the case, the phone stuck in there. I try pushing several buttons power, power + vol up or power + vol down for several minutes but nothing. The phone was stucked on quietly brilliant logo. I waited until the battery fully drained and charge it for a while, I tried to start the phone again the phone couldn't boot up the only reaction it has is the capacitive buttons blinking whatever combinations of power buttons and volume buttons I used. The phone is not recognized in pc at all its like is completely dead (it is not even being detected in device manager) . Is there something I can to? I really tryed everything and search in forums for hours for an answer without any luck.
I am not sure if the phone is being charge since when I connect it to wall charger there is no red led light. Something I didn't mentioned is that before updating to lolipop I was on stock kitkat without root just unlocked bootloader and S-OFF using rumrunner. Any help will be appreciated !!
Update 2:
I left the phone alone and fully discharged, now when I put it on charger the red led blinks (turning on/off). I read that this led must stay solid red in order to get some charge. Its has been more than 5 hours and the red led didnt become solid red. I tried everything the forum solutions advice but without any luck.
Update 3:
I disconnected the phone from charger and weirdly the red led blinks (turning on/off) continues even is not connected to charger? Can anyone help me its urgent

[SOLVED No way to recover the phone :(

Hello all,
This kind of discussion has already been mentionned but i didn't found anything (may be bad search).
After flashing a rom (PureIon rom) through CMW and without the requiered kernel (in this case the .211 or something like that was needed) the phone was stuck on boot "Sony".
A this moment i cannot enter neither in flash mode or fastboot mode.
If i keep it on the wall poser supply, it stays turned off with red led (not blinking, constant), after a while he automatically turns on and stuck on the Sony logo.
If I just shut off (simple keep power+volume up) there is no way to turn on the phone, i have to re-plug the phone against the wall power supply and wait.
The hard reset (3 vibrations after keeping 10sec the power+vol up) is not working anymore
Someone has already had this king of behaviour ?
Thank you in advance.

Brick after rollback with root phone

Hi guys! Thanks for read me!
My phone is dead after trying to downgrade with the huawei rollback file, I connect it to the charger and it shows me a red circle with a ray inside, a few seconds later the same circle but green and automatically turns on and stays on the logo , If I disconnect the charger it will turn off after seconds, if I keep the charger connected to the cell phone and I left pressed the power button pressed for 10 seconds the cell phone will turn itself off and it will only turn on again.
I tried the dload, but I do not get the cell to reinstall because it turns on by itself and I press the Vol + Vol - and Power keys, but nothing happens, it does not go into eRecovery, I'm new to the huawei ...
Can anybody help me?
Huawei Honor 8
Version: FRD-L04
extract the rollback package,copy the which you extracted earlier, to dload(create this folder in sd card)
power off your device and press all the three buttons