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I'm not sure where to ask this question so I thought I'd start here.
I have a HooToo Tripmate Nano travel router installed in my car with a 128gb usb stick containing a/v content. It works great. Everyone can connect and watch/listen to whatever is on the usb stick. My problem is that the HooToo doesn't allow connections to my cell phone hotspot so we have to disconnect from the HooToo and connect to the hotspot whenever we want to surf the internet. I want the HooToo to be able to connect to the hotspot so everyone can surf the internet through the HooToo.
I have looked at the TP_Link 700 series of portable routers but haven't found one that I can connect a usb stick to that will do what the HooToo is doing as well as connect to the hotspot. If there is one, I wouldn't be worried about being able to power it since I could bypyss the ac and connect 5 or 12 volts straight to the pcb.
Does anyone have any ideas or help for me with this project?
Thank you.

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Can Android phone become Wireless Ethernet AP?

I have a TV Box that requires ethernet connection, located where there's no ethernet socket around.
Initially, I thought of buying a wireless ethernet dongle (such as this www. amazon. com/dp/B005OIB714/ref=asc_df_B005OIB7142059191?smid=A3U3JJYGD7YYL1&t ag=nextagusmp0359831-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395105&creativeASIN=B005O IB714 ) which connects to the internet via wifi, and provides an ethernet male cable to stick into the TV box.
But here's a thought - would it be possible to use my SGS2 instead? Can it be used as a Wifi client, and is there a micro B to ethernet-male adapter or cable?
Tried googling for a while but got flooded with too much confusing data.
Your phone can be a wireless hotspot, if that what you want.
I don't think that's what he's asking. Sounds like he wants to connect the phone to wifi, then use some kind of adapter to piggyback the network connection out to an RJ45 wired port to the other device.
Dude, that thing is only $25. Just get it. I don't think what you are attempting will work, and even if it would, it would (theoretically) require an additional adapter for micro usb to rj 45 anyways, which would cost some amount of money, thus defeating what appears to be your purpose of saving money.
Yep -what I wanted was to use the SGS2 instead of a WiFi2Ethernet dongle.
I sometimes enjoy extending the use of the phone (such as using the SGS2 while on vacation in Ireland, to transfer files from my camcorder to an HDD via an OTG cable and a powered USB hub). However - in this case all I wanted was to save buying the dongle as I will rarely use it.
Too expensive, too complicated - Got it! thanks! Will buy a dongle.
If you really like recycling devices and have an old router lying around, you could try setting up a wireless bridge rather than getting a dongle.

Ethernet via USB on the A500?

Can it be done?
I travel a lot and use my laptop to get the ethernet IP address from my hotel room in order to manually configure my xbox 360's network settings. (I have an older Xbox 360 without wireless).
Since the hotel ip addresses are different for the ethernet connection than the wireless ip's, how can I figure out the ethernet IP using the A500?
The only thing that I can think of is to carry a small wireless router around. As a bonus it would be handy for the hotel that has sporadic wireless coverage.
I have no idea if an ethernet usb dongle stabbed into the A500s side would work.
Good luck.
Yeah. I have been looking into getting a wireless adapter for the 360 but they seem to be very device specific for Microsoft. I did see something that transmits an ethernet signal across your wall's electrical lines. It was about $60 for that kit and the reviews indicated good speeds.
If I had that though, I would still need to figure out the ethernet IP settings somehow. I am trying to figure out a way to leave my laptop at home when I travel now that I have my tab.
Get a cheap router than can run dd-wrt router firmware and set it up an ethernet bridge. Works like a charm for the x-box (or anything needing a wired connection and connecting to wireless).
Just to elaborate where this is going a little better. If you are using your own wireless router (Not an XBox adapter.) you should be able to log into the configuration console of it with your tablet and easily determine the ip of the hotel, internal and external.
I'm not sure what one of those adapters would cost, but the kind of router that AndrewD2 mentioned will run you around 30 bucks and up. His suggestion is awesome and would be a great way for you to use the hotel internet on your XBox even if there is no wired connection.
Hope that helps.
I suggest this
While is a poweline and can work part of a pair, it can also work as stand alone and doesn't need any extra power supply. It's small and u can configur it easily. You plug the eth cable one the cat5 socket and plug the dlink on the electricity socket.
FYI this is what I use.
Just in case someone stumbles upon this thread in search for the solution: here it is - haven't tested it yet, though.

[Q] VZAccess

Does anybody know if there is an app for the GT10 to use a USB Cellular Verizon Card with it?
I'm going to find myself a GT10 today at Best Buy, since I'm an OTR guy this summer. I'm hearing rumor but cannot confirm that you can get Verizon network access without a contract for $20/mo, which would be perfect for what I need, but the Verizon USB card I have is provided by work, so I'd rather use it for the time being, since I won't need it come August.
Thanks for any information you may have.
Is the cell card a wifi hotspot? Because there isn't a USB port on the Tab, and the USB adapter isn't available yet (but I don't think it would work with that either)
There's no USB port on the GT10? Is it mini-usb or something?
It has a proprietary Samsung 30 pin connector and that's it.
That kind of sucks, but there has to be SOME sort of adapter coming soon....
There is a USB adapter coming, but like I said, I don't think it will allow the connection of a USB modem. It's meant more for connecting peripherals (cameras, keyboards, mice) and external storage (HDs, thumb drives)
Well, its gotta have power running to it at least. Surely someone will figure it out. Course... I could always just do the silly thing, run my laptop at minimum voltage off of the AC Adapter in my car so that I can use the wireless signal through ad hoc. Sounds like an awful lot to go through for the same effect, and I'd have to log back in every time the signal died on the road. What a pain.
Maybe I'll just see about the non-contract $20/mo thing if it still exists.
Why not just buy a Cradlepoint portable 3G router that accepts cellular USB modems instead, like the CTR35 or PHS300? Only $79. Plug in your work provided USB 3G stick and it turns into a wifi hotspot.

Charge from AC while connected to Computer USB

I recently got an old computer set up that doesn't have Wi-Fi, or an Ethernet cable running nearby. I was delighted to find that I could instead use my Note 3 to provide it with internet. The problem is that the phone doesn't change nearly as quickly on usb, and it appeared to be discharging when I was using it.
The question is, is it possible to make a micro usb cable with two usb male ends, one that goes into an adapter to charge from the wall, and the other to go into a pc to transfer data?
I looked around and apparently no one shares this twisted fantasy, so I figured someone on here can tell me whether it's at all possible.
Thanks in advance
Thanks for writing to us at XDA Assist. It's probably possible, if you split the cable correctly then theoretically it should work. I can't find anything relating to this on XDA though, but you should be able to find technical schematics for USB cable wiring conventions pretty easily on the interwebz.
Good luck!
Thread closed, thanks.

Wanting to use my phone USB tethering as a fail over

Hello Everyone,
I have my phone rooted on 47A with mobile hotspot / tethering working.
My question is has anyone found a device that goes from micro USB port on the phone to a Ethernet port and wired from the Ethernet port to a switch or router? or better yet it also has the ability to charge the phone at the same time?
What I want to do is, if my main ISP for my house goes down. I want have a Dual WAN router fail over to a connection where I plug my phone in with USB tethering and get the house internet up and running as temporary fix. I know there as Wi-Fi devices out there that will work in client mode off my phones Wi-Fi but I want to be able to hard wire everything for the best speed possible.
Thank you
I found something in the link below from HP. Not sure if it will work to charge my phone, but its the idea.
I don't have much to suggest in this area. I do know that USB->ethernet adapters exist, and you could physically hook one up through a USB OTG adapter. I don't think it would work that simply, but who knows. I definitely doubt such a setup would charge your device.
The adapter you found sounds promising for both working and charging, since it specifically mentions Android.
In the future, please post questions in the Q&A section. I'll ask a moderator to move this thread.