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Hello! I have extensively searched for a resolution but found nothing.
Device: Samsung Note 4 SM-N910W8, Android 6.0.1, Rooted
Problem: The NFC toggle to turn off option grayed out and shows as on. BetterBatteryStats reports nfcservice.mRoutingWakelock as causing a lot of Partial WakeLocks causing a lot of battery drain.
Potential solutions not worked: Reboot, change battery
Can not locate the file on Android Phone Drive to manually edit the option to turn off e.g. at
I am reluctant to try factory reset (again) as it does not seem to help other people
I can try Titanium to freeze the nfc service. Never used Titanium before but again I am reluctant to do that.
I mean there should be a sensible way to turn off NFC on my phone? Any help appreciated.

update: after spending a few days trying to solve this problem a few hours after making the above post the problem magically dissapeared. That is I did nothing and the NFC icon appeared on my status bar and when I went to the NFC setting it was no longer grayed out and I could turn it off.
I don't know what fixed it but I think likely Android/Samsung pushed out some update.

Thread closed , glad you fixed your issue


Triage - Always 'Awake' and No Deep Sleep

Hi All,
There are a few posts already about a lack of deep sleep, but most of these are whining threads, without any attempt at trying to figure out what's happening.
Recently, my phone started using battery more than usual (no change to kernel or ROM). I've checked battery stats and advanced battery stats, and it appears that the google location service is preventing my phone from sleeping.
I'm taking a punt that this is an issue with the latest update to google maps and/or latitude.
Is anyone else having this issue just in the last few days, and what investigation have you done...
Please do not post your deep sleep complaints and ask for help in this thread. Only post input to a solution...
I've just force closed maps, hoping something changes - I will update soon enough.
Seems it might be the latest update for Music Timer Widget...
Do not install this app, as it constantly tracks your location, and also prevents deep sleep... Basic malware hidden in an otherwise useful app.
same happened to me and i found out GPS turned on itself and if you are lucky (like me) a google pop up appears which asks for your location if not selected anything than it turns on problem solved for me dont know about you
Try turning off "background data" and in "my locations" turn off "use wireless networks", then reboot and turn them back on. It worked for me.

Faulty Battery or Software Issue?

Hi folks,
I scoured through all the battery related discussions and wasn't able to find an issue similar to mine, so I hope it's okay to post a new thread on this topic. I have an AT&T (Snapdragon) Galaxy S7 with stock software and about a month and a half ago I started experiencing horrible battery life. I have been desperately trying to figure out what the issue is. At first I thought it was AT&T WiFi calling because it was forcing my WiFi and data connections to toggle back and forth and disabling that did help. However my battery life was still poor and I could never get more than about 10.5 hours of moderate use (see pictures below). Also the phone gets hot randomly (Above 95 Fahrenheit) even when doing minor tasks like browsing through Chrome. Since then I have made the following changes with no noticeable improvement:
Disabled advanced LTE services
Disabled Always on Display
Disabled WiFi and Bluetooth location scanning
Disabled nearby device scanning
Wiped cache multiple times
Temporarily disabled Bluetooth and WiFi to monitor the difference
Used Greenify Aggressive Dose
Disabled all diagnostic reporting
Uninstalled Oculus when that battery issue came up
Side note: I disabled a bunch of bloatware right when I got the phone, not through Package Disabler but through the standard Android disable method
I kept digging and found that my phone doesn't enter dose unless I use Greenify, and even then I don't notice a difference. I then decided to do a hard reset but no luck. Afterwards I used Safe Mode to see if any 3rd party apps were misbehaving, but again the drain was consistent both while idle and while using the phone. Today I installed Wakelock Detector Lite and found that PowerManagerService is keeping my phone from dosing, but from what I've read online it seems that info doesn't really point to a specific app, and it's hard to identify unless I root the phone which I don't want to do.
I am going crazy trying to figure out if this is a software/settings issue or if I should just replace the phone through AT&T and risk getting a defective refurb. Any help would be much appreciated.
Battery stats:
Wakelock Stats (taken on a different day):
Many people have similar problems. One reason was the buggy oculus app (you might wanna disable that when it came pre installed, depending on your CSC).
However the main reason behind the high "android-system" usage is still unclear. Some people experience it, some dont. Some people have better battery results with the firmware from March.
Personally, I believe that it is firmware related. I tried the N7 rom port and did not have a problem at all.
You might wanna wait for the October update that will hit soon and see if this fixes anything.
I notice you have 'media server' showing in your battery stats. My wife had that showing too and also had terrible battery life. Her fix was disabling the auto streaming in her Facebook app which plays videos while you scroll through posts. Now she has great battery life!
I have the Facebook app disabled on my phone altogether. I've also used safe mode where 3rd party apps are disabled but the battery still drains at around 5% an hour while idle.
WiFi calling was draining one members battery, disabled that and everything returned to normal
I had that issue too but have since disabled WiFi calling
most likely a software issue. my version is G930FXXU1APEQ and i'm been getting 11 hour on batty with around 6- 7 hour of screen on.
Try disabling Google backup. It's a huge battery drainer
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Try manually updating Google play services for the lastest ver sion.

Wifi always on problem on Android lollipop 5.0.2 On htc one e8

I m using htc one e8 Indian version after I get update lollipop 5.0.2, I m facing wifi always on problem.
Battery stats and history shows always on, but in reality I hardly use wifi. But It shows a strong green bar that wifi is on all the time.
Wifi background scanning is also off, but I still not able to fix this.
Please help me to get rid of this.
Before lollipop update I was not facing this kind of problem.
I read on Elevate and xda only today, people owning M8 and M9 have seen a similar issue too last day. But I just saw my phone, and it's not there. I had patches of white too, for times when I wasn't on a wifi network. Try checking using a battery monitor app like GSAM, whether wifi is always on or not.
Gsam app show wifi is not stwiched on at all. But Battery history shows wifi is on all the time. Problems that i m facing after lollipop update phone tends to heat more and battery life has also been degraded. So, where exactly problem is?
Well, after any software update, it's recommended to wipe your phone's cache. Or software reset the phone. Then give the OS a few days to settle. I wiped the cache, and my battery life has been at par with on Kitkat, and even better standby times. And no heating problems. The performance has only improved after Lollipop. Try doing one of these, or check on GSAM what's eating up the battery.
do you use any IM apps like Viber etc? please check its wi-fi policy settings, it seems that it set to always on, try to change it and then reboot device
Thanks man!
Just by changing wifi settings in wifi solved the problem like magic.
I am facing the same problem. I do not have viber installed on my phone.
I've set everything to off just as stated by the OP:
Here's how it goes with my E8:
1. Fresh start of the phone, and I don't find the traces of Wi-Fi.
2. Once Wi-Fi is on either for using internet/ShareIt/others, it keeps showing as "On" in Battery history even if it is turned "Off".
3. Only solution is to restart the phone.
Please advise guys!
I've found a way around it.
Turned on Wi-Fi and let the phone connect to a hotspot and turned it off after a few seconds.
The Wi-Fi radio completely turned off.
Guess, after using ShareIt, the app didn't turn it off the Wi-Fi properly.

WLAN_WAKE wakelock + Wi-Fi not showing

I'm at a loss here and i hope somebody can help me out here.
I've had my Note 4 for a while now, working great, but after a week or two after flashing Simpl-rom (latest)(Android 5.0.1) it started to drain battery while the screen was off.
I tried to debug this issue and found that WLAN_WAKE is preventing the device from sleeping.
Of course i did search for solutions but none of that worked, disabled all the background scanning and stuff in advanced wifi settings.
I tried to freeze all my regularly used apps planning to unfreeze them one by one to see when the issue started to show up, odd thing is, the issue persists even if i freeze all my daily-use apps.
I also noticed no networks in range show up in my Wi-Fi list, only the ones that i saved in the past (of course most showing out of range).
Using a 3rd party Wi-Fi manager works fine, it detects all the networks in range.
Disabling Wi-Fi allows the phone to go back to sleep again. However, when enabled again after that no more sleeping occurs.
The only "solution" to this is a full reboot. This solves the wakelock/batterydrain issue temporarily but not the Wi-Fi networks not showing up.
It can take 30 minutes before the issue shows up again or it can take half a day.
I also tried to detect if any apps were using background data, none that i could detect.
Even stranger, i have the exact same issue with my Galaxy S5 running Omega-rom (latest). (Android 5.0.1)
The drain on the battery isn't huge (10-15% per night), but it's there and unnecessary (i know it can do with 2-3% per night if the bug doesn't occur), obviously something is going wrong and i wish to find out what and resolve it.
Anyone experienced similar problems or knows how i can proceed to debug this issue?
I say issue because i feel these problems are related, they could be separate problems though..

[Q] S3 Battery drain

Hello! I bet you have seen this a heap of times. Well guess what, so have I. Alas, nothing has been found - I checked Android Central, the T-Mobile and AT&T websites and all sorts of other techy places but to no avail. So here I am, scavenging information, doing stuff to my phone - I am finally to the end point - writing a post myself.
So, heres my problem: awful battery and when I charge while using the phone, the battery goes DOWN!
Lets start with this
What I have done:
Factory reset
Cleared cache
Deleted every program (app)
Airplane mode
No sim card
Downgrade to 4.1.2
Rooted and calibrated battery
Full discharge to full charge
Now please check the eye candy down below in the attachments..
So.. What else?! It isn't a hardware problem because when it is turned off and charging, it seems to be fine.
Some system specs:
Galaxy S3
OmniRom 4.4 (btw, this ALSO has drain, I install hoping it wouldn't)
Wrong section just post in q& a section...
Install BBS and see what's eating your battery..
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Go into Google Settings and Turn Location Reporting Off. If you want a more agressive power saving go into WiFi settings and turn Always Scanning Off.
I had this problem of the phone discharging while charging (no pun intended) and the only solution I found was to clean the phone's USB charging port with an Contacts cleaner Spray (the one that has a "pipe/tube", let it dry out and clean the usb plug likewise. That solved my problem. But mind you: my problem was phone discharging while charging
Thanks for the info. I did both, yet, noticing a little less awaking, it still drains when charging and rather abnormally when not and just using it. The only thing waking my phone up now seems to be Google Search? (in wake lock detector) Cant anyone explain that?
Install an app disable services and disable Google services which are active in background... But disable then one by one as it may affect your play store functionality...
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using wake lock detector I noticed the apps name (google search) was but, using a service disabling app, I couldn't find that name under the system app ''google search'' tab?
*EDIT: I tracked all the wakelocks (ALL of them) and they lead to location services! Simply turning it off gives me no more wake locks. Not a permanent solution as I am completely unsatisfied, but a temporary one nonetheless. Going to keep monitoring battery as it seems to be fine, but I haven't nailed down the discharg while charging problem yet...