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is it possible to flash a rom without unlocking bootloader of any phone
I tried this but my phone goes in hard brick mode I don't know whether this the problem of rom or locked bootloader I want to know about that


SCH-I435 Bootloader Unlock

Is there a way to unlock the bootloader on my sch-i435? I would really like to install a custom recovery and ROM but it seems this would have to happen first.

How to RE-lock bootloader of oneplus3???

Any one knows how to re-lock the bootloader of one plus 3???
How to remove that screen on boot up after unlocking one plus three??? :/
If you read the screen properly ull see the instructions on the screen itself do everything the same way you unlock the bootloader just instead of oem bootloader unlock type oem bootloader lock ...but make sure you're on stock rom and recovery
But then My root access will be wiped??
I want root access and dont want than annoying screen
two questions different answer but I would bet if there is a way to remove nag screen a google search would find it. Keep searching threads
there is no reason to re-lock bootloader, its still under warranty through Oneplus even with unlocked bootloader. but if u really want to
1. fastboot flash stock recovery (fastboot flash recovery recovery.img) (make sure u download the file, its somewhere here on the forums
2. reboot and then reboot to fastboot (fastboot oem lock) (i have never re locked a bootloader so i am not sure if it will rewipe ur device again like unlocking it does)
3. boot to OS and get developer options again and uncheck OEM Unlock (do this last)
i would not recommend re locking since it wont void warranty and seemed like a lot people screwed up their devices relocking it, but they also unchecked the oem unlock before flashing stock recovery, also i am not sure if step 2 is needed, i would just make sure u flash stock recovery 1st before doing anything
I try to relock the bootloader but in this momento my oneplus 3 is blocked...I cant update with the stock rom...please some help!!!
What happens if i follow same steps with installed FREEDOM OS on my oneplus 3. You said make sure you are in stock OS.
Once i have unlocked the phn my device doesn't get recognised by the pc when i use command" fastboot devices".. Now, i'm unable to flash twrp, plz solve my issue.!!!
What part of be on stock OS is so hard to understand?
If you're not absolutely stock when relocking, you will brick your device.
Then good luck trying to enable OEM Unlocking when not being able to boot.
As someone who messes with their phone, relocking your bootloader is one of the worst possible things you can do.
If not done correctly, it WILL brick your device.
If you want to go back to stock, then surely do, there is absolutely no need to relock your boot loader unless you're selling your device to someone or if you're looking to pass SafetyNet for Android Pay or something.
Also, you cannot have the cake as well as eat it. You need to have an unlocked boot loader for root, exposed, etc. There is no way around this.
Phones previously had to be reverse engineered and exploited to gain root access, now OEMs freely allow unlocking.
I hope you can read this. I'm not a noob and I am looking to relock my bootloader because I am going to sell it. The person wants it fully stock so I need to relock the bootloader in order to regain access to official Ota updates.
I need to be on complete stock (stock recovery and rom) right? Would you please kindly point me to where I need to go to download the stock Rom and recovery. There's some TWRP flashable OTA zips on Oneplus forums that restore stock Rom and recovery but I want to be sure that that is enough and that I don't end up bricking my device for something as stupid as this. Any help would greatly be appreciated!
Fash 3.2.4 FW from here.
Follow all instructions from here (except I would suggest sideloading the StockROM before relocking).

Bootloader unlock

So I've finally decided to unlock my bootloader so I've been reading a few threads about it but I want to be sure that I'll do it right.
I want to use this method:
But since I'm on a branded phone I understood that I'll have to flash a generic Rom first to allow the unlocking to be done, am I correct?
I do understand that I'll lose the DRM's and stuff and that while on an unlocked bootloader I cannot use official SE programs (PCC & SEUS) because it will brick the phone correct?
After the unlocking is done I'll still have a fw installed right?
And finally, after unlocking bootloader I'll flash roms in flash mode and kernels and baseband on flashboot mode right?
Thanks for the help guys!
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[Q] Why do I have to unlock the bootloader to root my Play?

I didnt unlock the bootloader of my last phone and I rooted it and flashed EVERY rom.
I want to flash rims and stuff but I got to unlocked the bootloader of my new and I don't want to.
If my last phone's bootloader was locked p, why can't the Play stay locked?
You don't need an unlocked bootloader to root (for most roms). You do need an unlocked bootloader to flash to the boot partition, seeing as the PLAY has no dedicated recovery partition. As such, no roms that require a different kernel will work on a locked bootloader

unlock bootloader on a bricked device

my asus is bricked but its bootloader is locked for no reason(it was unlocked before)
so i wanted to ask for a guide how to unlock the bootloader on a bricked device(if its possible) with fastboot or adb
A bootloader cannot relock itself even after a brick, so the problems are most likely caused by the brick itself. How did you brick your tablet?
i cant remmeber
the only thing that i know is that when i am tring to flash something its flashing and then stucks
after that i must reboot the bootloader and the flashed thing has gone