I cannot for the life of me fix my phone. I've tried my hardest. Please help me - XDA Assist

I have a SGH-I337 phone, Samsung galaxy S4 AT&T and it was rooted.
I wanted to unroot it / factory reset it so it loses the "custom" boot message but while trying to flash a rom, I guess I bricked it?
It is now stuck in a permanent android system recovery mode and no matter what I do, it just doesnt work.
I will literally paypal someone $20 who can fix this garbage **** for me. All I want is to have my phone work and not have the custom logo bs, now I dont even have a phone. Please help.

Well ,
Could u post ur question on ur device forum
The experts there , & dont forget to register on the forum
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Novice to rooting, screwed up big time. NEED HELP!

Wanting to try to root my Galaxy Note 5 from U.S Cellular, number - SM-n920r4. Watched a simple video and ended up screwing up my phone. I can't get off of the screen with the note logo and above it says "Kernel is not seandroid enforcing". I have no idea what to do. I need my phone though, and probably should've have thought this through. Is there any way I can fix this? I dont care if I have to erase all of my data. Please help me get my phone back to normal. I
Greetings and welcome to xda. The kernel is not seandriod enforcing is normal when you have rooted your phone and nothing to worry about. If you want to return your phone to normal then just reinstall your stock firmware with odin or kies.
If you ask here
the experts there will be able to help you
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MY S5 keeps rebooting Unsure of firmware?

Hello I rooted my AT&T S5 G900A and had no problems until I went overboard and installed the lucky patch android software I believe its called.Iused it beofre and no problems so thought no biggie.I did the patch to android on the app.And well now Im stuck with a non starting phone.It doesnt get passed the samsung logo and if it does do anything its only to reloop.Ive tried odin and everything i can think of.Right now in recovery mode it says android system recovery<3e> LRX21T.G900AUCU3B0C4.
I dont know if it means I have that or need that.Im now so confused and Im usually pretty good with my phone stuff.Any that can help it would be so appreciated.Thanks,Aeron
Greetings and welcome to assist. Lucky patcher is banned on xda as it is warez so we can not help you with anything related to it. The easiest way to make your phone boot is with kies/smartswitch emergency firmware recovery

Samsung galaxy s6 bricked! Help please!

Hi there!
So i got my new fresh phone and i wanted to root my device for some reason, and i watched couple youtube videos on how to do it quickly and simply and what i did was that my s6 is 5.1.1 and i downloaded 5.0.2 and i used odin to apply this and what happened was that everything was going good like it said it was a pass and yeah my phone rebooted and it obviously says SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 as usual when starts up and it freezes just there and at the top it says "RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING" in red text now, i tried everything ive watched every single video on youtube and nothing sill the same thing all the time please help me i would do anything for a little help... i dont want to pay 250 pounds for this fix.. plz its a new phone i dont want to waste it... no idea what to do, i cant even power off the phone the battery has to die for it to turn off but i can go to download mode easliy and connect to the PC, and i cant factory reset i dont know why... home button power button and vol up and nothing happens. Please help! I know you guys are smart enough to fix it.
Many Thanks!
Hi and thank you for using XDA Assist
In order to get back your phone i suggest you to flash back the stock ROM from here: [Stock Firmware] Official Stock Firmware for ALL Galaxy S6 Variants [Download], and if you would like then to root again your device i suggest you to head overe here: CF-Auto-Root
and for futher questions you can always ask here: Galaxy S6 Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting
Good luck!
I downloaded the thing and it keeps failing in odin and i dont know why when i had my phone working it was a 5.1.1 version not 5.0.2..
Help! Thanks

[Q] help with samsung s3 Sph l710 T smthng wrong with bootloader may bricked help!

hi guys, so today I was Trying to download a new rom for my phone which is Samsung s3 SPH l710 T and I was thinking I was searching online if I had to unlock my bootloader and so at the end of all that I ended up not downloading the ROM. but as for the bootloader I used ez bootloader unlocker something like that and so I unlocked the bootloader but then I reLocked it again. and after that I powered off my phone only to find that when I powered it on again it wouldn't start ! so I searched online and then I figured out that most people say that if you unlock it the bootloader that it would go into a brick a Hard brick Or soft brick I don't know which one but whenever I try to turn on my phone at all.it's not doing anything no signs of life at all on the phone. I tried it all the key combinations for factory reset, download more, all that. but nothing happened. so my question is on my phone would it work if I bought a jig whatever its called and try to force it into download mode? or if I just took it into Samsung service repair and play dumb and say that I don't know why its not turning on all that. so what should I do and if I send it to Samsung repair would they like to try to figure out if he was rooted or not. oh I also just before I turned it off and never turn it back on again I also unrooted it with superuser the one the permanent unroot with one tap thingy. so it should be Unrooted. but I don't know like what I should do if I should use the jig or if I should send it to Samsung repair or what to do! anybody have any ideas please comment please help me cuz I really want to fix this phone. and I'm sorry for the bad grammar and all that cuz I was using Google Voice. so please try to help me Thanks.
Hi there,
You'd be best served asking for help from the experts who own your device, here :
Sprint Galaxy S III Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting
Sprint Galaxy S3 FAQ updated 5/27/2013
Good luck

Rom Flash Failure, rendered my phone useless [GS3]

had a Paranoid OTA update which usually i click on and it downloads and installs everything automatically. had an update for "pa_i9300-5.1-20150612" which it did download and got into TWRP Boot. i dont remember much from flashing/rooting and so on so i tried to get out, but it didnt let me, kept reloading TWRP on startup.
so i tried to install, i did, and after it said if id like to root cause my system is not rooted (which is funny cause i did root it), so i did. same thing all over TWRP on startup.. and i just did wipe and factory reset and what not.. and deleted valuable data of mine like an idiot.
it doesnt even let me copy in the paranoid file so i can manually install.
imgur com/sfLqEz0.png
odin doesnt recognize it either... don't know what to do.. so frustrated.. and all of that thanks to that stupid paranoid update :/
please help!
There are many guide and tutorials for unbricking your device, such as:
How to: Unbrick galaxy s3 by NDUTU
Galaxy S3 i9300 Unbrick [restore to stock rom] [noobs][easy] by TechMasta
Fix Your Soft-Bricked Galaxy S III Samsung’s Way
Hopefully one of them will work in your case.
If not, best to ask in the [HELP THREAD] Galaxy S3 Ask any question. by tommypacker.
There are many experienced users having the same device like you.
Good luck !
hello, i manged to fix the problem using this guide:
but i seem to not be able to flash the OS to any other.. either with TWRP or CWM.. both get me into a loop.
ill try the thread u suggested, thank you.. meanwhile im stuck with GS3 stock rom (ewww)
Yes, check the links and ask in the help thread I mentioned in my previous answer.
This is the right place to get detailed help and advices.
Thread closed.