Which is the best Stock lollipop ROM for Lenovo a 7000? without any bugs - XDA Assist

I am using the default ROM and I wanna turn my mobile new by a stock lollipop ROM..
What ROM I can use for my Lenovo a7000.
Which can be the best one without any problems or bugs.
And also latest with root access..

Could you look on ur device forum & u will whats the best
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Custom rom !!!

Hello everyone
I have bricked my Note 3
and successfully recovered it from a guide on this site which install this build N9005XXUENA6
the problem is The guide said To download a Custom rom like SWEETROM v7 Or echoeRom v7 which works on NA6!!
sadly all the links are expired !
please if u can suggest another ROM or give me another link for these Roms it will be appreciated !
You bricked your phone and have recovered it .
Then i would say leave it as it is .
My guess is you used a very old guide that points to very old roms .
Agreed. Try not to flash a ROM if possible. Our world - sadly - doesn't make (very stable) custom ROMs for devices like the Note 3.
It's Not Working it Boot stuck. the guide says i need to flash a custom room based on NA6 build
the link in that website for Echoerom v7 is dead , also for SweetRom v7!
I've installed the EchoRom V7 now im stuck in a BootLoop any ideas !?
Factory reset but really you need to start reading the faqs and guides .
Check bootloader in your roms faqs .
The Boot Loader is from 4.4.2 Leaked NA6 based rom
from this guide
if anyone can give SweetRom v7 NA6 please
Do. Not. Install. Any. Custom. ROMs.
There is no such version of SweetROM available for your phone, and if you just messed it up with a custom ROM, better not install another.
Stay on stock. It's for your OWN good.
Proton Pig was here, y'hear?
If you hvae a old 4.4.2 bootloader and did not read the UPDATE THE BOOTLOADER section in the manuals..... then you really should listen to #Proton Pig. Installing a Custom ROM is not a easy and secure thing to do and if you have problems in understanding manuals regarding that then you should keep the official ROM. If the phone is dead then install Samsung Kies and start the phone in d/l mode to make it fix it for ya. With some luck you even get a newer MODEM AND BL by doing so. (I never ever did use Kies btw, so I might be wrong here, this is my 3rd Android phone + some work based tech skillz made me ignore the customer stuff and do my own thing)

Karbonn A35 is a great used phone but when i search for it in net i dont get even rom

actually main issue is that my phone came with 4.2 jellybean but i bricked it and went to service centre they made the phone right but actually they put a 4.0 ics rom on it which i really hate very much as well it lost the recovery menu (boot menu) and i hell very irritated as 4.0 is very low and there is no custom rom nor any custom recovery so i challenge xda to make a custom rom as well custom recovery for it i would love if its kitkat lollipop marshmallow or higher and if its not possible please find me .pac file for karbonn a35 jellbean rom with driver setup (full) and dont give me the .pac of ics as i have already downloaded and installed thanks for favor and dont give ics rom plz.
Hello and welcome to Assist
Theres a stock rom provided here https://forum.xda-developers.com/gen...m-rom-t3410051 but I'm not sure of the android version. You'll have to download and find out yourself
If you have further questions or want to post in the main forums youll need to register an account first
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[Q] how to install stock rom

how to install stock rom on lenovo a7000 ?
probably this may help you : https://forum.xda-developers.com/len...a7000-t3205505
I have flashed back to stock couple times due to stability issues with custom ROM.
Detailed explaination and procedure is listed in the given link

Need a new rom for my root ? which one is the most popular ?

its been long time since i played with my note.
Dont really remember what to do and what to not do.
im running
android 2.3.6
rocket v23 xxlc1 i think with franco.kernel i think
thats the information i get from my phone.
whats the most stable with good batterytime rom i can get now days ? what rom is the most popular ?
and what about kernel ? do i need to change it ? dont even know what kernel do.
can someone give me a link to a good rom.
and how do i flash it again ? just flash over the current custom rom ? or do i need to flash a stock first ?
i also want to the rom to support the ICS/JB pdroid, so it would be a plus if it can do it :P
plz help me out =)
thx in advance
Unfortunately best rom thread is not allowed. but seems like you have lot to catch up. You can flash any stock JB rom from here with how to:
or for custom rom you can try them all or read and try them or just read about them, here is the link decide for yourself, find how to in the OP of each rom:
im sorry dont need the best just one that is fast enought with good stability and have good battery
so if i need to flash stock first ?
how about kernel ?
just follow dr ketan's thread for how to install stock rom.
just wonder.... my note is already rooted.
cant i just install another custom rom over it ?
if i install stock JB i need to reroot right ?
my guess would be yes for installing a custom rom over it, as i never used Franco kernel as i wasnt there on GB for too long. May be #SpyderTracks or any other member can help you with this. But yes you have to re-root your phone once you flash stock JB rom.
Best rom threads are not allowed on xda. Please head over to the development section and do some reading and decide for yourself what is the best rom for you based on your wants and needs.
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[Q] - Any custom rom for lenovo a1000

Any custom rom for
my lenovo a1000. if there's CM then it would be good. thanks in advance.
By the way i also need advice if what would be a better rom for this device. coz all I know is the CM.
appreciate to those who response
see this thread:
official Roms +custom Roms