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Currently running Android 4.1.2, Build # JZO54K,
I was going to install a custom ROM omni-4.4.4 but stuck at the entering the recovery mode. An android robot lying down with an exclaimation mark in a red triangle. The tablet reboots itself after a few minutes.
I made several attempts to resolve this issue:
- adb reboot recovery command
- root it with iRoot
- ROM Installer app
but none of them worked. Please help.

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[Need Help] Can't unlock bootloader on Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

Hi, I'm new here and I'm new at rooting/Modding android devices.
So first of all I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G361F) I got it from T-Mobile and its running Android version 5.1.1
I was trying to root it and the only way i was able to root it was to flash a pre-rooted firmware from Here
Now I wanted to install TWRP custom recovery so I went over on this Site and tried every method listed there, especially the Odin install method. When I go into Download mode/Odin Mode it says:
At this point I got Odin v3. 10 running and flashed TWRP on my device (in Odin I says PASS!), then it restarted and booted normally into Android. I powered it off and then I held the key combo to enter recovery mode (volume up+home+power) and after it vibrated the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime logo comes on with the powered by Android thing and on the top left corner it says in red text "RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING" and nothing happens if I hold the power button for 10 seconds it shuts down and I am able to enter the Download/Odin mode with the proper key combo (volume down+home+power) but can't boot into TWRP or Android any more. What did I do wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.
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There's no dedicated forum for your device here in XDA. Try posting your query in > Android Development and Hacking > Android Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting > Who wants root/custom recovery/custom roms for the core prime? Experts there may be able to help you.
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Nexus 5x soft brick. Please help

I have been trying to install twrp on my nexus 5x. It seemed to install fine, however I also tried to install root without rebooting. This caused a soft brick. My phone shows the orange exclamation mark but does not boot. If i lock the bootloader the exclamation mark goes red. i am trying to flash the default ota from google however adb is not detecting any devices and i can not access recovery mode only fastboot mode. I would appreciate any help.
I tried sideloading the OTA via fastboot and i get this error:
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Nexus 5 brick

Hi guys, today I tried to install the nightly of Cyanogenmod 13 for my nexus 5 (OTA update). I downloaded it and I have rebooted my phone for finishing installation. It didn't reboot in recovery, but there was a black screen (the lcd screen was turned on). I didn't touch my phone for about 15 min. to see what happen. I decided to reboot my phone because was stuck here, but there was the google logo (yes, it appears), and then the black screen. I can go to bootloader mode, but not in recovery mode (black screen in this mode). Adb isn't working (I have the last version from the SDK, and it always worked for me): if I am in bootloader mode my pc don't see my nexus 5. If I try to boot in "black screen mode" my pc see it but says unauthorized (before the brick debug mode was enabled). If I connect my phone to a power source, for one second show me the start of the "battery animation", then boot "normally".
I can't go to recovery; I can't reset from external or re-install the recovery. What can I do????
Thanks in advance..
Sorry for my bad english
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I solved by installing the adb and fastboot naked drivers andò flashing the factory image. Thank you anyway.

[Q] I can't boot after installing CWM Recovery (stuck)

Hi, I was planning on installing a custom rom on my Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262.
So I installed CWM Recovery and it was sort of a success, Odin is already in green with the "PASS" keyword. I quickly wiped and factory reset as I'm following a guide that told me to do so.
After that wipe, I disconnected my phone and turned it off manually. Now a normal boot (holding only the power button) shows a yellow triangle and boots back to CWM recovery and not my first rom.
I tried going back to download mode but the yellow triangle error interrupts.
I hope someone takes time to help with this boot situation.
Sincerely, a newbie asking solutions from the professionals, XDA
As the yellow triangle keeps me from going back to normal boot, download mode, recovery mode and redirects me to CWM Recovery, I was fiddling around (I'm not supposed to do so as I have minimal experience but I'm desperate.) and saw " mount sd" and "install zip" I was wondering if this is a fix by connecting my phone to the pc and mounting sd and transferring the .zip custom rom file and installing it?
I'm worried about the yellow triangle interfering and might permanently brick my phone.
Again, seeking for professional help. Thanks!
Thanks for writing to us at XDA Assist. Please go ahead and ask your question in the Galaxy Core q&a section here:
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CM Fuze Q390 Bricked. Need Stock ROM To Flash

I know that my phone has no android OS because this happens before, It wont boot up and you need to enter recovery mode and when I chose reboot it says that it has no android OS and when you reboot it it was stuck in boot image. I need to install a new rom that has a android OS. And It Works.
One time I Factory Reset my phone on settings . Usually it will enter in TWRP and make a reset BUT it was stuck on the logo of TWRP and cannot enter into recovery anymore. I remove the battery and try to power it on. It was stuck in boot image. I remember that this happens before so I try to enter recovery mode. But I was stuck again in the logo of TWRP. What should I do? Please help....
My TWRP recovery was from this
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There is no forum specifically for the Cherry Mobile Fuze Q390 but you may want to ask your question with all relevant details in the friendly general Android Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting forum at where members familiar with your device might be able to advise you.
I also see a thread titled "All About Cherry Mobile Fuze (Q390)" at that might be worth reading.
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