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Ik have a Woxter Nimbus 98Q - RK3188 - that i tried to flash with the stock rom but the flash stopped .
Tablet was bricked but i unbricked it by connecting pin 7-8 on the nand chips.
After i did that the tablet has a black screen but i can hear he is booting because
the usb is showing up in the explorer and i see drive E and D but they are not accesseble .
With RKBatchtool i can flash the rom again and again with different roms with success but still no image even with
IDB erase . Roms came from the official woxter website and also tried other roms .
Tablet worked before so i know the screen is not bad .
Tried to boot with volume and power on = no result
tried to boot with sd card = no result
I'm out of options . Can someone help me ? Thx.

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How i can get a custom rom for my bricked max908 mobile?

I have a bricked ( I am not sure) max908 model phone. The phone was bricked because I have tried a rom of Lenovo which was for MT6572 chip as mine. When power button is pressed it only show start logo of Lenovo and nothing happened.
Then I have used spflush tool and custom rom which are available for max908 on internet and it shows some error like BROM ERROR.
And when power button is pressed it shows only the logo of Maximus.I don't know what should I do. Please help me.
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Alcatel Pop C7 7041D bad flashing

Hi everyone,
Here's the thing. I had CWM flashed in the phone and all worked good. I flashed a couple of custom roms and it worked perfectly. Although, one day i download a rom for MTK 6582 devices (a huge mistake, i should find roms for pop c7 7041d only) and when i flashed it, the device stuck on an distorted boot logo screen and after some seconds it restarts. I am not able to go into CWM recovery to restore it or anything. After some search I find out that i could "revive" it with the help of a feauture callled META mode.
Unfortunately mtk 6582 devices must have the battery inserted in order to be recognised by the computer. And I say unfortunately because when this device is connected to a PC via usb with the battery in, it boot automatically. So no META mode. (META mode requires a powered off phone). Any thoughts? (sorry for my really bad english)
I couldn't find much information about your device here except this thread
Alcatel OT POP C7 (7041x)
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Bricked ZOPO C2 - NEED HELP Please !

Hello , this is my first post here , so sorry if i missed a detail or something
So as in the title , My friend's ZOPO C2 (B version) is bricked :
this is what happened , I rooted the phone for him , used Mobile Uncle Tools to run a custom recovery (TWRP) and downloaded this custom ROM MIUI7 (u can find it on Needrom.com
Everything went well at first , until I started getting these errors :
1) warning: no file_context
2) symlink: some symlinks failed
the option after was Reboot , i did so and (Great ! -_-) a bootloop , the phone is stuck on the ZOPO logo (the one u see at boot) and I can't access the recovery (Tried Volume Up + Power Button and Volume Down + Power button .... nothing)
Please help me , some tutorial online , say .. use SP flash tool , and I found some "Scatter files or something " to use with , but I can get it to work .
Is there any solution ?
Thank you for using XDA Assist. There aren't any specific forums for your device on XDA. However, you may ask your questions here:
Android Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting
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[q] no recovery mode . Stuck at "unlocked bootloader "screen

I am a noob so please bear with me :P
I have CrDroid Kitkat(4.4.4) in my phone( MOTO G 1ST GEN ) and its running good . I decided to update to the lollipop version which i downloaded and copied it to my phone .
So here comes the problem , i switch off the phone and go to fastboot ( Power + Vol down ) and when i try to go to recovery(CWM) , the "Unlocked Bootloader " screen keeps looping .
Good thing is if i hold the power and fastboot again and click normal powerup , I'm able to access the phone normally . But I'm not able to go to recovery .
I tried re-flashing typing [fastboot flash recovery recovery.img] in cmd from pc . But not working .
I tried downloading another CWM cuz i thought this version for faulty or smth but still same . And these are the nly things ive tried .
Please help me out .Thanks
Thanks for writing to us at XDA Assist. I think the best place for your question would be the Moto G q&a section here:
Moto G Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting
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Soft-Brick- thl t6c, no boot , no recovery but detectable USB

My phone had a corruption system when I use it. I flashed it with the official ROM which it run normally but it doesn't run, it just display the logo THL. Now my phone doesn't boot but my PC identify it and the screen switch on black when the phone charge.
link of ROM and tools for flash is available on constructor's site
My Firmware's version is the thl.T6C.166V
Please help me!
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