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1. I downloaded the apk of nova launcher and since than
when i open my phone an empty page comes up
(see movie)
do you have any other suggestions aside from factory reset ?
2. a problem that I have already for a long time in my car, after i connected my Bluetooth
many times its disconnects by itself without my doing something
I have - HTC M9+
android 5.0.2

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Help me with tecmor T7

Hello. My friend has a chinese smartphone Tecmor T7 (when i checked imei i saw that brand was Ag-Tel and model ag-111.
He had apus launcher and coollauncher installed. With apus a lot of ads and virus was downloaded. I changed to cool launcher and the screen started to flashing. I tried to hard reset but the phone stucked at half. I removed the batery and turn it on again. Screen was flashing again (black to wallpaper) and now i couldnt even press the options from the top bar. When i hold te power button the box with the power off option is blank. I tried to hard reset again, wiped cache etc but all the same. I tried to find new rom to flash bit i couldnt find anywhere. I cant even find the smartphon on google. Any help aperciated.
I cant send photos cause im a new user
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Huawei G740-00 Home Button and Browser not working

Hi chaps, a big hello from cold but sunny Spain.
I'm going to dive straight in, as I've been trying (with help form threads on this forum) to sort a problem out on my pile of junk Huawei phone.
Its running Android 4.1.2 and recently I had to do a factory reset, which is something I have to do now and then to get it to play nicely again.
Anyway, since then the home button isnt doing what its supposed to and the standard browser just fires up then crashes straight away.
Would you believe it, the thing was 1 day INSIDE the warranty, but neither Orange nor Huawei will help. ( long story) It did happen once before, and Huawei reinstalled the firmware and it was fine, however, I cant seem to find the same firmware (G740-L00V100R001C109B187). I did find an earlier version, but don't know how to get it to downgrade. (I've tried)
I have unlocked the bootloader, installed Super SU, got terminal emulator and file explorer loaded and have tried a few things, but so far no results. On the plus side, I have'nt bricked the 'phone yet!
Nearly forgot, I ran the *#*#2846579#*#* test, it might have been *#*#1357946#*#*, but anyway, the homescreen button does function, it just does'nt do waht it's supposed to.
Is it and APK issue? Can I edit a file or something, download a fresh version of browser? (I am running firefox as well, which works, but I want the standard browser working as it should )
Anyone have any ideas? (apart from bining it and buying something decent?)
A big thanks.
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Google now "OK Google" not completing offline commands.

Hello guys,
I am very much interested in using voice commands in my phone, it does work perfectly when connected to Internet. But the problem starts when I try to use OK Google offline.
When offline, the phone gets sensitive to my command and even starts to load the result for the command ( In my case "turn on WiFi"), but it keeps loading and doesn't complete it.
And the problem leads to confusion now because when the command result is being loaded, if I tap on the sentence (I.e" turn on WiFi ") it instantly finishes the task. ( here even if I tap when the command results r starting to load, it finishes the task in a movement)
I tested it with my friend's phone, in his phone it works perfectly ( he uses Samsung j5 2016 edition and I have Micromax canvas nitro a311)
So please someone help me solving this issue. Is it a settings problem or my device problem? .
Thank you in advance for solving the problem.
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Kingzone K2 Error(PLZ HELP ME)

Hey people,
I have a big problem and I am a big noob what contains to software, hardware is my thing.
Lets get straight to the point......
I have rooted my device(Kingzone K2) with Kingroot on Android lolipop 5.1.
the first time i tried to root it would not work because my phone had a unknown version of android or something like that, so i reported that to kingroot and a month later they made it possible to root on my device.
now I have rooted my device but I started up my phone and all of a sudden my phone was reset to factory setting.
I thought it would have been a accident with android devicemanager.
And up following I wanted to download apps and stuff but it gave me the error that was stopped.
And the apps wont download I tried everything to download them, also camera and gallery wont work for the same reason.
So can someone please help me with this problem.......
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unfortunately setup wizard stopped

i have root my phone and deleted some of the apps at that google play services also deleted and play store,maps,gmail stopped working so i have restart my phone by erasing everything at that time i have used kingroot application to root my phone and aft restart my phone it not starting up 1st page is welcome page aft that click on english india laungage there option coming that UNFORTUNATELY SETUP WIZARD STOP AND ONLY OK BUTTON IS THERE ...PLZ HELP TO SOLVE THE ISSUE.
Hello, and thank you for using XDA Assist!
Depending on the device, you should be able to flash back the stock image, be it through fastboot (typically found in Google, HTC, ASUS devices), or Download Mode (Samsung, LG) and everything will be all right.
Without knowing your device make and model, all I can suggest is making a post (after registering for an account so you can post in other forums) in the [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly thread of the > General discussion > Questions and Answers forum.
Be sure to include any details about your phone there.
Hope this helps, and god luck!
hey thanks fr ur reple
im using micromax canvas 2 A110
plz help me asap.
and i have also tried to do fastboot but nothing happen aft click on that just button stop there for a long time more than hour
Hello again,
As it is a A110, you'll have best luck posting in the > Legacy & Low Activity Devices > Micromax A110 > A110 Q&A, Help and Troubleshooting forum, as your device experts can be found there.
With fastboot, once you are there, it will wait for a command form a PC. So you will need to download a stock system.img (or I can think of a different scenario) to then flash with, such as "fastboot flash system stock-system.img" (but don't attempt until you get guidance form your device experts, they probably have a better option).
Hope this helps.