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hey guys ... I know by this time this prob is not something rare but here is my prob and I don't know why this happening I have LG G3 D885 UNROOTED and I m having bootloop and I tried to fix it by flashing it back using lgflashtool since buying new battery didn't work
but the the thing is it STUCKED ! at 2% and always telling me to retry
I did all the steps to flash it back I downloaded the frimeware : Europe Common 16G D85510A_00 and the lg drivers did all things but it always stuck pls help me ,_,

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Lg Transpyre (5.1.1) Bootloop HELP!

Idk how this happened but my phone was "acting" up a bit, i pressed power off and restart and then the phone turned off and then it turned back on and now it's at the LG screen and it wont go further! I tried restoring the kdz with LG flash tool and it worked! but then i pressed power off and restart again to see if the problem was fixed and then it got to Lg logo and did the same thing! I tried using LG flash tool again, but it kept saying Phone Disconnected.
PS. I was rooted,but i think its gone now and i don't have a custom recovery.
Carrier: Verizon(Pre-Paid)
Lg Transypre.
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please help me Lg v410

hi, i have problem with my lg gpad v410, my tablet have black screen and when i switch on nothing show only connect computer unknown device, people sey that have dead boot and need some file for repair dead boot, please help me :/
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Help getting phone back from bootloop!!

I edited my build.prop file and something must have gone wrong because my phone is stuck in bootloop state now! I've literally tried everything I could find on the internet and NOTHING have worked so far so I hope I could get some Help here.
Heres my problem:
Boot up phone and everything's normal , has boot animations and sound but then it gets stuck on the LG logo animation forever!
I tried flashing the device but got hundreds of errors and never was able to actually flash the device and numerous other solutions and nothings worked sofar.
Another setback for me is that the phone doesn't have a recovery mode ( If there is one pls give me key comb) and I stupidly didn't install CWM before I did this.
Phone: LG Optimus L5II
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So I have registered an account and hopefully I will be able to fix my phone with the experts help!
Did you try hard reset?
Yes I tried hard reset, no luck. Im gonna try and push the original build.prop file via adb onto my device and see if that works.
But I cant find the file anywhere and I dont have acces to my phone anymore so I cant get my backup from my phone.
So if anyone can get me the original build.prop file for the LG Optimus L5II (E450) that would be great!
I would appreciate it if someone could assist me using my phone because all the tutorials and stuff that i've tried so far does either not apply to my situation or not to my device. I have therefore not found a tutorial that has my phone and situation in it. I have not installed CWM or Nandroid backup on my phone so I can't use any solution using any of those. I don't really have any knowledge on ADB so I don't know if you need anything pre-installed on your phone and my phone doesn't have a recovery mode, only a download mode when I connect it to my pc via usb cable. Really any help would be dearly appreciated.
Did you try flashing a stock .kdz from LG?
kdz - http://lg-phone-firmware.com/index.php?id_mod=23
tutorial - http://forum.xda-developers.com/opti...flash-t2988436
Got phone fixed using the tutorial above! Many thanks for posting this and thanks for all the help!
Really appreciate it and wouldn't have been able to get phone back without the forum!

please help black secren lg g2 802

hello , i have problem with my lg g 2 802
in first i have it fastboot mode secren after i have this
and black secren
thanks ,
You might need to do the procedures in this thread. Check if your issue is in the thread, if it is, You have to do it. Good luck.

[Q] LG Optimus Black (p970) security error

hi everybody
i've a problem in my lg optimus black , he doesn't boot up after i tried to install a custom recovery by an app called rashr flash i did a backup first in the same app after that i clicked on insall then the phone reboot and showed that security error message
please help me to solve this problem , the lg is not even my phone please help
Hi, thank you for using XDA Assist. See if this helps, http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1448803 Also see this, http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-black If you have further questions you can ask in there.
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