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hello all,i have a little problem with the recovery of my data from a nexus 5 (lg d820) i used the phone almost for two years the phone without any problem ,until a few months ago,when i decided to put aside the nexus (the lcd was cracked in some parts and the battery begins to show little problems) anyway, i bought a new phone and in the meantime i decided to buy a new screen for fix the old phone and sell it.
Now,before sell it,i would like to recovery my old stuff on it like some contacts and photos,because, unfortunately ,when i changed my phone i forget about that.
The problem,is in conclusion , that i totally forgot my pattern and now i can't unlock the phone,and i can't connect it directly to wifi,because i don't know the pattern anymore and i can't neither put my card back in ,because the new phone have a nano, i tried some hard solution like adb,but i can't access the phone because show me the device as locked when i wirte the command adb devices or shell,also if the debug is on and when i put the phone on my computer a pop up say: debug usb connected
please anyone know how ,at least, recovery my contacts and photos, if possible,thank you in advance,awesome forum


HD2 Problems with USB, not being recognized, can't enter bootloader

Hello everybody! It's samanen here, a newbie on xda. NOOOB
For first I'd like to apologize my not-so-good english, I'm 15 and from Finland so please keep the point in the problems and forget my english difficulties
Ok, splutting off and let's move to the point here
So I bought my HD2 (used) about two weeks ago, and right away tried to put WP7/android on it and sync music, contacts, videos and other stuff - but my USB connection didn't, and still doesn't work.
Ofcourse I tried reconnecting, cleaning the usb cable and port on the phone, tried another PCs and total of 10 different USB ports, another cable, Mac OS, Win7, WinXP, SyncMate, WMDC, ActiveSync, removing the battery, resetting the phone, removing SD-Card and SIM-Card, ActiveSync, Hard Disk and Faster data sync options, etc etc with no positive result. Its no fun having a mobile device with no access to put media and other stuff on it :/
Specs and facts:
HTC HD2 (aka Leo), non-T-Mobile (EU version?)
Software info:
Os Version : 5.2.21913 (21913.5.0.94)
Manila version : 2.5.20181527.0
ROM version : 3.14.405.2 (04666) WWE
ROM date : 09/29/10
Radio version :
Protocol version :
Hardware info:
Speed : 1024 Mhz
RAM size : 448MB
Flash memory size : 512MB
Enough numbers?
I think I have tried all the stuff I found here... Still no result, can't be detected on my PC. When I connect my phone to my PC, a notification pops up saying that USB device couldn't be detected/recognized, and it may be damaged. 1 second after it popped up it disappears and if I check the devices connected to the pc, there's no undetected devices anymore.. If I'm quick enough to click on the notification, it shows me what devices are connected and their situations, and I can see an undetected USB device there, but if I refresh (reopen) the window it disappears..
Also, if I use the option "When phone is on, do not charge the battery when connected to a PC." and connect to a PC via USB, it STILL does charge the battery. So my hypothesis is that the phone believes it's on a charger/car kit because its not getting recognized as a USB hard disk/device on my PC and still charges as it's connected to PC. Could this be possible in any way?
Also, when I got the phone and put it on the charger, CoPilot popped up every second (I closed it, it opened, etc) and I had to uncheck some option "When connected to a car kit open CoPilot automatically", so another thing there which refers to my phone being a psycho and believing its being on a charger.
I know there are people with this problem, and topics on this forum, but I think my problem is a bit different from theirs and nobody has really got an answer for this..
Then to my second problem. I can't enter Bootloader mode, or Hard Reset mode.
When I hold down the volDown button and press the bootup button, my phone either normally boots up or doesn't even boot up or show signs of booting into bootloader.
Once I got into the bootloader after dozens of tries, but as I'm stupid, I didn't write down the numbers shown there.. And now I seem not to be able to enter bootloader even after 20 tries.. Hardreset neither works. Same plan - either normally boots up or doesn't do anything. Weirdo much? Can anyone help? :/ I think I've bought an useless device..
Hi man! Try to flash your phone from SD card with stock ROM. Hope you will get good result! Let me know what happens!
Maybe it is your usb cable. I also can not sync with the cable that was delivered with the official carkit. It is just possible to load the device with that cable.
Your bootloader problem could be caused by broken volume buttons. I think they often get destroyed when replacing a broken touch screen. Do they work without problems inside the os?
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Hai there! Thanks for your suggestion! What rom version would you recommend? I'm such a noob with these roms etc so I'd appreciate much if you/somebody could tell me what to use I will try that as soon as I find my microSD->SD adapter (Im afraid it got into vacuum cleaner as I cleaned my room ), also I have no idea how that's done but I believe there's a tutorial on xda.
I have tried 2 different cables, one from the package the previous owner provided me and another one from my dad's N97 mini. Could I be so unlucky that those cables are ones that don't work with HD2? I hope I am If you think its about the cable, what cable would you suggest me to get? Just a basic microusb cable from the electonic store? Also the previous owner told me he wiped out all the data and synced the phone before sending it to me WITH the cable provided, so.. Idk Strange.
No, my volume buttons are working great inside the os, I can adjust vol down and up well without any problems. Also my volbuttons are not sticky or feel like broken so I just don't believe that theyre damaged. Also the screen has never got damaged or repaired.
Another problem - Isn't it required to enter bootloader mode when updating the rom? :/
Thanks for both of you for your replies and suggestions, I will keep you updated if anything helps or gets clarified!
Sorry then i can not help you. I do not think it is the cable. I bought one on amazon. It is official htc charging and syncing cable. This just came to my mind because you said that your copilot starts if you plug your phone in....
If you want to install another winmo rom you can do it when connected via active sync and it will automatically go to bootloader. If you want to install hspl for custom roms or android you have to go to bootloader for the installation.
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Connected via ActiveSync :/ But the problem is I can't connect my phone.. (bluethoot neither works -__-)
By your info i can say that you have European Model phone. You must firstly check volume buttons, after. Download official ROM by IMEI of you one. As i know sometimes problem in usb connector in phone. I repair some HD2's by replasing usb connector. I living near you) In little poor Belarus))) try this steps and let me know.
Also. If u want i can help you in repair process. Its very simple) i have a big experience with hd2's and iPhones) and other ones. Because i think you boughta bad repaired phone with bad volume buttons and usb connector
Man, do you think they could fix this in warranty/quaranty? I have still warranty left on this one and i think I could get a new one/HD7 in return
Yeah. They must fix it if you dont damaged phone mechanically(maybe previous owner replaced screen) or you dont flash hspl magld android Leo is still The King i think. Here more opportunities than in HD7 On eBay HD7 cheaper than HD2 because WP7 os not good than android let me know whats up!
No, I've never dropped it or anything and when it came from the previous owner the usb didnt work, and he has never replaced anything on this model (his previous model was replaced to this, completely new one because his previous model stopped working with no reason).
Maybe I should contact the warranty Thanks for the answers, let's see what they can do!

[Q] SGH-T989 Appears Dead - Help me zoom in on the problem please asap

I was loading a pic on "Whatsapp" when my T989 screen went blank like it is powered off and the phone never came back. My device is rooted, but runs the OEM Android OS 4.2.1 jelly bean. It has been rooted since 2 years ago and has been running JB for a year with no problems. Could the root be so old that it bricked my device?
1- Tried to re-power, remove the battery, switch the battery, Hard-Reset it , nothing comes on the screen.
2- When I plug it to my computer via usb Cable, it make a noise like it is connecting and search for driver, but Kies does not identify it or connect to it. But again nothing show up in the screen.
3- Called Samsung and confirmed there is no water damage to the device or the battery via the Solid white lables.
Is it bricked or something else, how can I narrow the problem to know fix it?
Are you able to get the phone into download mode?

password lock will reset phone

tried to google for a solution, but found nothing. Here is the problem my sister autistic son dropped her galaxy s6 phone and somewhat broke the screen. he tried to unlock the phone but it would not register now the counter is on the 14 try and if one more attempt is made it will reset the device. Now my sister has no knowledge of where the memory was so she attempted to open the phone to retrieve the memory card (yea I know it doesnt have one, but she didnt) not only did she totally screw up the lcd ,charge port and everything else. When she brought it to me I had to ask her did you use a hammer to open it up . So now I managed to buy a used lcd and connected her motherboard on it. To my surprise it turned on but it is saying it will take 869 minutes before another attempt can be made to unlock it. My question is there any way I can retrieve her pictures and files. Connected the phone to the computer but it will not show any files. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. She has alot of pictures of her son and daughter she does not want to loose.
If the computer won't recognize the device then maybe try having the photos upload to drop box or Google Drive or something.

Cracked and unresponsive Screen Galaxy S8

So i accidentally dropped my phone this week and it decided to crack and become unresponsive. I really don't want to repair the screen as I requested a replacement phone however, I just want to know how can I bypass the pattern lock when you restart your phone. I downloaded Android studio but I'm not that savvy on how to use it to remove the pattern lock. Can anyone help me with unlocking my old S8 so I can at least try to remove my old data to my new phone some how. Mind you I can't even enable USB debugging since the screen isn't responsive. I just want to get my pictures and contacts off that phone before returning it. PLEASE HELP!! FYI.. I can follow instructions if it's code/script related.
Try an USB-ToGo adapter, connect an USB-Mouse and transfer files with "Send Anywhere" for example.

[Q] Can't get Nexus 4 (broken digitizer) to control on my computer

Hello guys,
This is my first post in here although I come to the forum from time to time to stay updated about new stuff. I hate to post this but I'm quite desperate now.
I own a Nexus 4 which I rooted and unlocked with no problem at all, a few days ago it fell off of my pocket and the screen is smashed now. Although it's still working: I can see what's going on in it, the digitizer isn't working so I can't really do anything with the device.
I really need to control the Nexus 4 on my computer (through a VNC I guess) to do some last things with it, but I can't get it to work. I'm running TeamWin Recovery (touch version) and last stock ROM if I remember correctly.
So the thing is: all I can do is reboot in recovery (in where I can't do anything, since it's a touch version) or turn on the phone as usual. If I'm in recovery, I can connect with ADB and use Android Screen Monitor to connect and explore my files (but since the device is OFF, just in recovery, I can't see the screen or control it). If I turn the device on, I can't ADB anymore, I always get a device not found error.
I tried with several drivers and different VNCs with no luck at all. I managed to install some VNC-servers apps pushed to my Nexus 4 using Google Play on the computer, but I can't open them (obviously).
I don't care how to do it, I just need to see and control my Nexus 4 on the computer knowing that I can't use the screen on the phone at all.
I've read for hours and tested stuff for days, with no luck at all, I hope you can help me on this.
PS: The device is connected to my WiFi network and also by USB, but I can't open any of the vnc-server apps with the phone and can't get adb to work so I'm a bit clueless here. Probably there is a very easy way to do this and I'm just messing around.
Well, thanks in advance.
1. Since your phone is rooted, use the tool kit and make a full backup to your Computer.
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