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I have LG G5 phone "H850" i bought it from UK now im in different country and the phone wont detect any other sim it says no sim card i thought it was unlocking problem so i buy new unlocking code and inserted and it sid unlocked successfully but it still says the there is no sim ,,, and i tried different sim im in Asia region and when you go to Menu-->Setting-->About phone-->Status ,,, it show under Network "Unknown" ,,, here my phone info
Model : LG-H850
BaseBand Info :
build number :MMB29M
So what could be the problem ?
thanks in advance

Hi I think I can help you with that. I had the same problem with mine. Some sim card my be too thin for the g5. Put a small sticker on the sim and try again . it works for me


Need Help ( Invalid Sim)

Hi All,
I bought a new Optimus 3d Originally Roggers and now unlocked am from India . after inserting the sim it says "Invalid Sim" I tried all the sims non is working. am currently on v10k firmware.
are you sure it is really unlocked?
Yes... If I try to unlock again it says "your phone is not personalized" . and I have no option to type the unlock code.

[Q] how to use Indian sim on xperia ion purchased from Singapore?

so I got an ion from Singapore and it's not detecting an Indian sim card. what should I do?
Is it sim-locked?
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how to check whether its sim locked? when I insert sim, it says sim not inserted
You need to unlock the sim to use anything other then ATT.
No need for anymore replies to this thread he's been sent to the correct location for his problem.
I think you got a LOCKED SIM phone - Easiest way to check is go to phone dial: *#*#Service#*#* (*#*#7378423#*#*). Look into Service Info/Sim Lock. If you got [x] Network 10, X meant you're SIM Locked and 10 is how many try left to enter unlock code.
Another thing as previous person mentioned - IF you see an ATT logo on the phone, that phone is SIM locked for sure and you can follow the thread suggested above and read for more info.
there is no at &t logo
it's normal Sony
it's a sim locked phone
Sorry my man, you have find a way to sim unclock it before can use on any network - right now there isn't one yet. The ATT unclock sim thread should give you a good lead.
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You need to find out what carrier it is locked to. Then contact that carrier on how to get it unlocked.
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You sure its sim locked phone ?
As of now the model locked are sold in US AT&T .. Check if it is really sim locked. Search for thread that let you confirm this thing.
Also as you said it it is saying 'Insert SIM' , This could be a issue of ur sim card is not good. Could be not properly cut into a Micro Sim.
Even if the handset is locked then also on inserting any sim it says 'carrier locked' , and put 'unlock code'(Thats how u unlock a mobile, if u have a code) but should not say "Insert SIM" .
Insert SIM means that your handset has not detected a valid sim card in its sim slot.
I highly suspect that your handset might be unlocked only as in singapore unlocked are sold. try getting a alternate sim (ask from somebody using Iphone 4 or 4s and try again.
Also go in the settings -> about phone -> model number
If your phone model is Lt28H or Lt28i .. Its is highly likely that it is unlocked only !
Confirm the above two.
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Phone purchased in malaysia not working in Nepal

I have a brand new Galaxy J3 SM-j330G/DS origin is Malaysia and I connected customer support and they said phones are locked to the country. How do I unlock it so it will work on the network in Nepal or any country?
The message I get is:
Invalid SIM card
Network locked SIM card inserted
However my SIM card woks in my iphone perfectly and Im sure if i put it into any other device it will work.
Ok thanks

[Q] LG P990 sim card no inserted

Hi gys! I need your help!!! I run official ICS on my LG P990 with my vodafone sim card.
I wanted to gift my phone but when i put cosmote sim(other network) phone doesnt see it, its like no sim card.
I enter menu to manually change the network to cosmote but says "sims doesnt allow it). Do you know whats happenig? It a hardware faulure or it is locked to a network? I already try (and payed too) to unlock my phone with code with no success.
Please help!!!!!
Is your phone network branded? If so you could download and install an European open stock rom and flash that to get around the network permissions.
It was a hardware error! Sim card reader fails and i have replace it. Now everything working fine!
Now that it works well now, cong! I've meet this problem before and it was cause by the rom.

Samsung Pay - Invalid SIM Card

Currently I am using Korean SM920S model and in stock Nougat. When I click Samsung Pay, it prompt error: Invalid SIM Card. Failed to read your phone number from your SIM Card. Check your SIM Card and try again.
May I know is it my SIM problem or locked by telco? because this phone is under SK band telco.
Facing the same problem too on my sm-n920k..I am using a different carrier after unlocking the phone
I have the same problem here in Sweden . My phone is unlocked
I noticed that the Samsung Pay and the Pay Framework are Korean based so maybe this is the main cause?
Same problem here, i heard that you can use a korea sim card to get through that step then add your card, after that you can replace the sim and samsungpay with continue to work (not experiment yet)