system UI force stoping after changing dpi value by Root DPI Changer :( - XDA Assist

I changed dpi value by Root DPI Changer in Acer Liquid Z530(T02) I accidentally set it to 100 (But it works for 200). It restarted later system UI is forced stopped. I can't access to anything even when I can receive a call but I can't even pick up. No caller screen is visible. I went to flash menu and select factory reset. So I think developer tools may be turned off. Therefore, usb debugging got off. Is there any possibility of getting it back to normal state.
I rooted my mobile by King Root.

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Rooted device: camera and torch only working in safe mode!

I have a rooted moto g4 on android 6.0. recently my torch stopped working along with my camera (screen stays blank). Once I try using these the device starts to freeze usually and needs rebooting. When I run in safe/factory mode, these functions are fine so it's not hardware. I don't have a backup so I'd rather not restore to factory settings then root again. Massive yawn. What is causing this if factory mode has no issues??
Greetings and welcome to xda. Unfortunately anything could be causing it probably a corrupt file but there is no way of knowing without a log. If you make an account and ask your question here
the experts may be able to help you better. Catlog from the playstore is an excellent app to grab an error log if you want to try that
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Motorola Moto G LTE X1032 process has stopped "spam"

Hello everybody,
today a Motorola Moto G LTE Smartphone was given to me with the request to fix an system issue.
The problem: The phone is spamming notifications about process termination. This spam makes the user unable to do anything.
If you agree and klick at the button "ok" when you have read the message about process termination the next message shows up. Sometimes it takes longer since the message shows up and sometimes not. Between this messages you can easily navigate through the whole android system scroll menus etc.
I've read some threads about clearing the google play store cache and data and disconnecting your google account from the smartphone but this does not fix the problem.
I tried to factory reset the phone. It does not work if you try it through the android settings because you can not confirm that you want to erase all your data to factory reset the device.
Next thing i tried is to go into the AP Fastboot Flash Mode and do a System recovery but the system says Boot up failed if i try to access it.
So my next thought was to install a cyanogenmod to fix the problem but i can not enable usb debugging and my pc does not recognize the device.
The OS is standard vanilla android without anything special on it.
Would be so awesome if somebody could help me fix this
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Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560) known issues

Hi everyone!
Well, now I'm facing the most annoying issue with my Samsung Galaxy Tab E: a bootloop, but happens that I've never attempted, at least not with this single device, to root it, I was just only wanting to play Plants vs Zombies 2 and then all suddenly got paralized, no button worked to leave to another safe place in the tablet so what I did is to use the key combination command: Home, Volume - and Power to force the tablet to reset. It reboot, but after that point the keyboard app didn't pop-up and later was rebooting. I tried to use my physical keyboard to input my blocked screen password, and it worked!, my menu apps and everything as always, but what happened?, yes, another rebooting.
This is the second time that this tablet got freezed bit it's the first time that bootloop occurs.
I really need help. I've tried some methods that I found in YouTube to root and unroot the tablet to its official ROM, like ODIN download mode and emergency firmware restoration from Kies, but nothing has been solved, still bootlooping.
My tablet is good though for me is not the best, and for that I'm pointing the failures that it haves so I may know if anyone else is experimenting them, like desactivate the Samsung keyboard to use instead any other keyboard but somehow that disgusting Samsung keyboard appears to be marked no matter how many time I do unmark it from Language and input options.
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[Q] LG Transpyre stuck in pseudo-bootloop

Hello. Recently I have attempted a root on my LG Transpyre VS810PP using the method using the method found here: . Being the very well versed and cautious tech-user that I am (sarcasm) I neglected to backup my system data and apps. I was still using the default firmware. While the root seemed to be successful allowing me superuser access I initially noticed nothing wrong. After doing various things including deleting bloatware and giving greater power to many of my existing apps I noticed something when I went to change my background. When I went to settings a received a popup message saying "Unfourtanatly, Settings has stopped working." The second of my genious actions was deciding to just deal with this and I ended up using the phone for another week after realizing the problem. Recently though I was fed up having my settings as well as my phone contacts completly inaccesable and just figured "OK I'll just do a factory reset and everything should work great." Sadly it's rarely that simple and when booting up I ended up in what I would call a pseudo-bootloop. It's not really a bootloop but after booting the phone boots into a screen asking to activate your account, atleast this is what should happen under normal circumstances. Instead I end up on a white screen with the settings popup again unable to progress due to the activation being required in order to get to my home screen. I am confused as to why even after a factory reset the settings menu, and therefore activation menu, is still unable to start. Anyone know where I could find information on getting out of such a bootloop or atleast allowing me past the activation screen in order to let me use it is a media device.
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Help! Homescreen PlusPlus installation unsuccessful

I am using a HTC Touch P3450
I did a few soft resets to set up an other application, and once i was finished batterystatus no longer apeared - no indicator, menu or today screen mention
So i went and got the new homescreen and when i go to install either on storage card or device i get intallation was unsuccessful. i did a soft reset, removed what batterystatus files i could find and tried again.
No luck so i have done a hard reset and it still does not work
help would be greatly appreciated, either a work around (tried unselecting today plugins) or if anyone has an old version of classic batterystatus lying around or in the worse case a program that does the same (i want it for cpu idle and overclocking under load when needed)
Please post all your questions in the Q&A Section of the forum. Your thread will likely be moved there. Thanks