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I've tried almost all possible way to change the imei, but they says my processor (octa core) is not supported, please help me out, how to change imie number of Samsung galaxy a7 without anroid marshmallow 6.0.1, octa core processor.

Changing the IMEI is illegal in most countries. Therefore discussion thereof is strictly prohibited on XDA.
Thanks for understanding.
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how to convert LTE TO VOLTE in samsung tab s sm T805

processors is EXYNOS octa 5420,baseband ver.T805DDU1CPH7,
KERNAL VER. 3.4.39-9123340
dpi#SWDD6108 #1
Tue Aug 3p 15:25:30 KST 2016 , Build number MMB29K.T805DDU1CPH7
LTE and VoLTE are completely different to each other.
VoLTE is better known as voice over LTE.
You can't convert it, your chipset needs to support it and your OEM has to push a required update for it to work.
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How to chhange imei no

I found someone's lost phone SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND PRIME SM G 531H so i want to use that phone so please guide me how can i chhange imei no and use that phone safely. and please tell me how can i root this phone
Tampering with the IMEI is illegal in most places and not discussed here at XDA.
I also highly doubt you'll get help elsewhere.
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Rom request lenovo 9.6" Android 5.0

I am after the stock ROM for LENOVO CLONE 9.6" 3g phone android 5.0 mtk6592 octa core tablet pc dual sim 4GB RAM 64GB ROM
MOTHERBOARD ID IS B906_MB_V1.0_20150716
MTK6592 Octa-core ARMv7 Processor
Greatly appreciated if can help
XDA Assist is not here for ROM requests. Please read the description and Sticky threads.
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I need a compatible rom for i-joy asix

Good morning.
I took two months searching and testing roms, but I have not found anything, and in the end I sought where to ask for help. I hope to be asking for one at the site and appropriate section.
I am seeking a rom compatible with i-joy asix tablet. These are the specifications:
Processor - Cortex A7 - 4 x 1.2 GHz
Chipset - Allwinner A33
Graphics - MALI-400 MP2 # 350 MHz
I have opened, and in some chips missing numbers so the following information may be incomplete.
Processor - Allwinner Tech A33 Quadcore E9069AA
Chip unidentified - 4XP223 6113AC 6AX1
Skhynix (ram?) - H5TC4G63 AFR PBR 423 V 1410542200H X010016
Chip unidentified - CG8T2 BC 4452 M18L2677AM
Motherboard - TJ A23 Q88 V4.0_20140815
I have tried various roms, but none works correctly. In all the display fails, or does not turn well, or the touch pad does not work.
I am very interested resurrecting this tablet, it is the only one that I have for the child to read. I wish I had money to buy another, but it is not so
Appreciate it your help with clues on how to do or recommendations roms.
Thank you very much
Greetings and welcome to assist, unfortunately assist is not for rom requests. If you ask your question here
The experts there will be able to help you
Good Luck

need rom for bsmart 10.1" bs101

please need ROM for b smart 10.1" bs101 rk30sdk it;s cpu is cortex a7 dual core 1.6 ram 1g resolution 1280*800 16g nand flash jellybean 4.1.1 i iflashed my tablet with u30ght rom and it worked but the touch is not working
This forum is for newbies finding their way around XDA Developers, it isn't for requesting roms.
Since your device doesn't have a dedicated forum on XDA, you may visit here Miscellaneous Android Development and find an appropriate rom for yourself.
Good luck!