How can I get "okay Google everywhere" back after installing a custom rom - XDA Assist

I have a Samsung galaxy alpha, and I've installed a custom rom, resurrection remix (based on cm13) while I was trying to get the Google assistant to work I found out the basic okay Google command didn't work.. And when I tried to turn it on I couldn't when I went to the Google app and checked the settings, under "Voice" I couldn't find the "okay Google from any screen option" it just wasn't there... Only the option to say okay Google from the app it self was there.... Before I installed the custom rom I didn't have this issue please try to helpe with this issue or at least tell me if there was a way to get the Google assistant without the "okay Google" command working.. In any case thank you for your time

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OK Google from any screen option missing

OK, this question is asked on several forums many times but none of those helped me. So I am trying the most reliable source. I'm using a Moto E 2015 edition, codename Otus on CyanogenMod 13 Official. I am not too keen on using Google Apps, therefore I use Open Gapps Pico. Today I installed Google App from play store. But I can not find the feature OK Google detection from any screen.
Do I need to flash it via gapps? I really don't want to. If there is any other solution, kindly help me out here.
Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for understanding

Google Play Services Galaxy On5

First off this phone is rooted and xposed framework is installed. So google play services just straight up disappeared. It's not in disabled apps or anything.. If I go into Titanium Backup "" is crossed out as if it is uninstalled. What can I do to get google play services back?
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Can't install googleplay

Hi all,
I have a ZTE S2004 from China, so there is no pre-installed Google applications. I used KingRoot and installed Root Explorer. Then I tried to install the Google services and Google play store APK (after changing permissions), using as a general guide. For a bit, I would receive popup messages that said the apps crashed, then when I would try to start them the program would open for less than a second and just close. Any help or input would be appreciated.
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"Ok Google"

Hello !
I found the "Ok Google " command quite useful, but i can use it...
My phone is rooted and i have a 4.4.2 version of Android. My version of Google search is the and Google Play services one is 8.3.01 (2385995-034).
I hope you have solutions for me.
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How can I get google Assistant on my phone galaxy j2 (2015) without root

I am new in xda devolopers. My devise isnt root and also I dont make my mobile root. So how can I get google Assistant on my j2 (2015). Please help me. I just need gogle assistant without upgarding my android verson. All tell me its impossible but I need to know it from xda devolopers. Please help my to found my Alternative way without google allo. I believe xda devolopers can do it.......PLEASE
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Unfortunately Google Assistant work only on Android Nougat 7.0 firmware/ROM's
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