how can i rollback from chines nougat (AL10) to marshmalo on mate 8 - XDA Assist

how can i roll back from AL10 xpermental nougat
got error message error 7 when i install
then i restarted the phone
it opend but it showed
build numbr : NDR90M test keys
i need to roll back and do it again
cant find a package to roll back from al10
or how can i flash twrp for emui 5.0
its says *faild : command not allowed* and i can find the enable OEM unlock in de
-velober's option
please help !!

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thanks alot for guiding me


Root doesn't work for Huawei p8 lite

Please help, I can't root my Huawei p8 lite, it's model number is ALE-L21 and I'm running lollipop 5.0.1
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you need to unlock your bootloader
then you can try this
its in spanish but its automated so its pretty simple

Huawei ascend mate 7 problems

Hello everyone,
So i wanna update my phone but when i click on install update this comes up:
Your system has been adjusted. Now when you run an online update, this can make the system unstable. Instead, you are advised to download the official update package and update via the SD card . Nevertheless continue with the online update ?
If i do it, it shows me update failed.
I'm at B137SPO3
I hope anyone can help me
Sorry for bad english
Cheerz, Yorick
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Sorry to hear about your trouble but fortunately there is an XDA area dedicated to the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 at which would be a good starting place. I suggest you post your question with all relevant details in the friendly Q&A forum there at where the experts familiar with your device will be best able to guide you.
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I'll post it there

Root and flash CM 13 in Huawei GR5 ( KII L21)

I just updated my Huawei GR5 to Marshmallow , it's great but I want to use CM 13 in this phone. I am a little new at this so if anyone can provide me with the info on how I can root this phone (as it may not be popular) ,how to unlock bootloader, flash twrp, get CM for GR5 (KII L21 variant) and flash it?
And please give instructions to revert back to stock firmware if things dont work out.
Thanks in advance for the help..
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Help Huawei G8 Updates Not Working!!!!

HI There,
I've had my Huawei G8 for about 9 months now and during that time I've never had an update, I'm still running EMUI 3.1 and Lollipop 5.1, my build number is RIO-LC629B140. I've tried the manual updates but it just says "fail Software Install." Please help me I'm desperate for answers.
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how i can install back stock firmware to my huawei MT7-TL10 from android 6.0 to 4.4.2

beacause by mistake, the firmware i install is for another variant of mate 7 MT7-TL09. i tried most of firmware for MT7-TL10, but all failed i try to install rollback b500 for MT7-TL09 on my MT7-TL10. and try again...still nothing happens...please help stock no...may be someone can help me i will relly appreciated..thank you and god bless
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