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Hello, I actually have a small problem on my phone.. I searched for the solutions but I am unable to find a reliable fix.. Everybody has a quite different type of this problem..
Phone model: Meizu m2 note
Previous os : Flyme 5(stock)
Current OS: Cm 12.1 (by Moyster on xda)
Well, before I start I would like to say that my phone has actually survived a water bath.. The phone fell in the swimming pool when my friends were trying to click a pic.. It didn't switch on, on the same day, but I disassembled it completely, and let it dry for a week.. Later the phone worked completely fine.. It's been 3 months since the incident...
Well the problem now is the SCREEN FLICKERING.. I guess It has nothing to do with the water damage cause that was almost 3 months back and this problem started around a month ago, when I was on flyme 5. And nope, the phone has never fallen off my hands.. The phone works fine for maybe the first 30 minutes after keeping it idle for a long time... The screen flickers even during the bootup, fastboot, and even in recovery..
I have two Meizu m2 note in my home.. The other one is my mom's phone.. And I almost update same roms on both the phones.. And my mom's phone is working completely fine and not facing this problem.. I don't have a warranty for this anymore, but I can still give it to the company's service center.. The main reason I posted this thread is because I just wanna know if this is a software or a hardware problem.. Cause in few other threads they said that this had sumthng to do with the kernel and stuff.. I don't wanna leave my phone at a service center for 2 months if this is fixable at home..
Not the complete screen flickers, but only the upper top part of the screen..
I have attached a YouTube link for a perfect view of the screen.. The phone on the video is my phone..!
I would really appreciate if you would help me on this.. thank you..

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[Q] Part of touchscreen ain't responding

Good day,
I've some little issues with my Xperia Z:
Suddenly my Xperia Z has dead pixels on the back camera. Always black spots since roughly a week. (Sending it in isn't a problem there I guess)
But also, in Hospital I let it fall around 1 metres and it has a single almost not visible crack in the touch screen.
Now there is the Problem: Everything is still working, but the touch sensor on the small broken side isn't responding anymore.
What can I do?
I don't care about the crack so I dont really want a screen replacement.
Hi there,
I'm very sorry to hear about your problem. You can send it to the repair store under warranty (the dead pixel on the back camera is a known issue). About the 'crack in the screen', please see visit the following link: If the 'cracked screen isn't under warranty, you can always tell them not to fix it. I hope I've answered your question. Good luck and please let us know about your issue!
Hey Tally114,
Thanks for your kind answer and I will send it in beginning in december.

Hardware fault

Hi all,
Wished that, for a first post in this forum, I would post something useful. But no, what I'm posting is probably the first user having a screen gone bad.
In the beginning, it happened when the battery went below around 50% and the brightness started going higher and higher to the point where the screen was completely white washed. Recently, the screen went to some kind of green colour taking over the whole screen (see pic attached).
The other phone functions work fine: sound, buttons, happtic feedback. Only the screen decided to die on me.
After multiple FW restores using different versions and only getting worse, I finally decided to call it a day and I will send it to Samsung Belgium for repair.
Hope that I just caught a bad one and that the Super AMOLED technology can survive time.
that is a weird problem, from the first description it sounded like if it got wet and it got damaged by the moisture trapped inside.
but it could simply be a defective screen.
when the screen is off, does it goes back to full BLACK?
or does it stays in that LCD like green/greyish colour?
Phone never went near water or humidity.
Yes, it goes to full black when off and the more it's off, the longer the screen hangs to its original "colours". Well, it used to but now it's worse.
Hi There,
I have problem with the i9000 screen too. Yesterday the screen brigtness suddenly gone up and the main problem is a lot of obvious color banding where things should gradient out smoothly. It looks like it is not having enough color depth, just like lowering your graphic card setting in Windows to 8 bit color or something.
Searching for stock ROM to flash back before I take it for replacement. Don't have much luck with the ROM so far.
Good luck with yours by the way.
It seems that you have the same symptoms that I have.
The only problem I'm having now is that the phone went back to normal after not using it for the last few days. Let's see how Samsung deals with this...
I've had a similar problem and sent it back for repair, as it became permanent after 2 weeks from the time I first noticed it.
Please look at my post here:
and see if it is similar to your issue.
It's now in samsung's lab or something, so in the coming days they should tell me what's the matter with it and how it should be fixed.
Sent mine to Samsung a couple of days ago for repair.
Any news on yours?
So I finally received my phone back from the repair shop and after glancing over the repair report, I came to the conclusion that I had lost the first fight with warranty claims: they did a firmware upgrade !! They upgraded my "old" firmware to a mind-blowing future one: JM2 !!!
After two days, the phone decided to act up again showing the same symptoms as before. In order not to loose the second fight, I decided to go there myself instead of sending it through mail. Being a 45 minutes car hike, I decided first to make sure that the phone was indeed showing the problems initially reported. After some minutes playing with it in front of the desk clerk, he finally admitted that it had to be a hardware problem.
So now the waiting game begins...In the meanwhile, I'm using a Nokia E71 which, while competent enough for my basic needs, it is NOT a Galaxy S. Crap !
To finally close this chapter I received my phone 2 days ago and after a Lcd screen replacement it seems now that the problem is finally solved.
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glad to hear everything checked out correctly, I presume everything fell under your warranty?, i got the same outlines around the circle but they are very very faint as I can only see them when i hold the device in direct sunlight at a certain angle so I suppose you're not the only one.
When you say LCD screen are you merely making a mistake or did they actually replace your AMOLED screen with an LCD?
If they actually did that, it doesn't seem like a very good deal...
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A mysterious screen problem.

a few times I had a problem with the screen of my nexus and the so after 1 time display off and on it was always gone after.
This time I didn't turn off ​​the display and it took longer until it was gone. I had this when he Nexus was in stock condition, rooted and unrooted. Does anybody have an idea what it is?
Device data: hw rev. 11 - 212K, purchased in Germany
Problem: see video + Foto
P.S.: It is my first post so if i did anything wrong please excuse!
Foto: click here (sorry for the quality, it was early in the morning ^^)
If it was happening right when you got the device, then you couldn't have dine anything wrong. It kind if looks like A LOT of water got under the screen. Ad you said, your only options seems to be to RMA it.
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This phenomenon appeared a week or two after the device was in use. No water, no crashes, no dust, or sth. else. I already mailed google for replacement.
Looks like water under the screen, there may be a way you can sort it. Suck on the headphone jack (genuinely), this worked on an old iPod touch of my girlfriends when she got droplets under the screen. Might be a bit too much in your case though.
I doubt that the source of the problem is water. As I said, the phone is in a perfect condition(no water contact) depending on being used by myself. Even the guy from the google support couldn't say anything about it Anyway thank you for your reply.

[Q] Samsung Galaxy Trend display issue

Dear XDA community...
I've been a passive participant in many of your threads and most of the time I have managed to solve my issues thanks to your replies. Finally i have decided to join you and hopefully also help in some of the cases.
My current issue is a Samsung Galaxy Trend which display and digitizer have been broken. I have easily managed to replace those, both of which were working fine on the first boot. The display once got frozen tho and since that time the only thing i can see is a white snowy (no-signal tv alike) screen with some colorful dots here and there. Replacing the Lcd once again brought no change, so i guess it may be either pcb/ic issue or a software bug. I will try uploading a pic of the display as soon as possible.
I hope someone might have encountered this kind of defect and could help me solve it.
Best regards,
Damian aka Infernaesty.
Thanks for using XDA Assist the snowy thing is because either the way you have fixed is not right and there is some connection issue to board and display or you may accidentaly damaged glue of Display and board fix which some devices have best thing is to get it repaired by Samsung Official Outlet or in other Mobile Repair Shop has further anything may damage other parts of device
Good Luck !

SAMSUNG S5 Screen Flickering (when Brightness level is being minimised to lowest) ?

Hey Folks
I have Samsung Galaxy S5 Model No SM G900H Android Version 5.0
I'm going through a problem from last 2 3 weeks
that whenever I minimise the brightness level to the lowest my Phone Screen start flickering in the lower side but as I raise the level it stops
The same problem I use to face when i was travelling in train Few Months Back, I thought may be I'm Travelling in Train or I'm using Train Socket for Charging it is happening
But Right now it Flickers continuously.
and now I'm also going through one more problem that when ever I screen Switch off the Screen Light I'm not able to on it
everytime I have to pull off the battery then have to switch it on
though the phone is working but the screen black out
I tried everything from Booting, Formating to Clearing Cache Files
Went Samsung Service Centre, showed them they directly said ...'screen Change hogi... 8700 lagega '
I don't want to invest or change the screen right now as the phone is only 1 and half year old
Please help if any one can. I would be highly appreciable
Thanks Regards
Hi Sandeep,
no warranty ... that's bad.
New display is expensive ... and you can do little to nothing, depending on the cause of that flickering.
You can check this thread: Samsung Galaxy S5 - Indian Users by NoteboyTech or ask in the [SUPPORT THREAD] The Galaxy ~S5~ All in one support thread!**NOOB FRIENDLY** by Ricky Divjakovski.
Maybe someone there has a better advice.
Good luck !