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My alcatel phone abrubtly stopped starting up.
When I boot it just starts with a black screen with the name in white(alcatel onetouch pop c1) stucks in this state to infinity.
It also can't get to recovery modes.
Someone please help me bring it back normal.
If it's flashing please give me a manual plus all too s I need

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There are no specific forums for your device model. However, please consider posting your question here:
Someone there may have the expert advice you need.
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should i throught it away ?

i have lenovo a5000 rooted
i installed an update for the device and it never start again
sometimes the lenovo logo or recovery mode appears but the phone shuts down so fast
it doesn't accept flashing a new rom
what can i do ?
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First, please create an account so you can post in other forums.
Because the device still shows some signs of life, it may be recoverable.
After creating your account, please ask for help here:
The experts in that thread may be able to help.
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Can someone please help me root my alcatel 5017a i have no idea what i am doing!

Also i am locked out by the google sign in as its a second hand phone
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I've located this thread that may help you:
Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 (3.5)(4)(4.5) Official Thread [ROOT][RECOVERY][ROMS]
That is the device that turns up in the search results for the model number you've provided.
If you create an XDA account, you can ask any other questions here:
Android Q&A
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[Q] alcatel one toutch pop c2 4032d zle wgrany rom

Please help they have toutch pop Alcatel 4032D c2 wanted to throw a new rom and the phone just died and now screen is lit but nothing shows recovery menu or even how he would install his new rom without recovery thanks you in advance
Hi, thank you for using XDA assist. Unfortunately I can find very little information on your device. You will need to flash the stock firmware on your device. You ask here to see if anyone knows how to do that for your device,
Good luck!
Thread closed.

hello i just bought an alcatel one touch pop astro stuck in recovery mode please help

its stuck in recovery mode and i cant get it out of that mode
Hi, thank you for using XDA Assist. The first thing you'll want to do is register on XDA here, Unfortunately there is not a specific forum for your device and very little information about it on XDA. But try asking your question here, If you've tried any modding, rooting, etc. to your device mention that also. Hopefully someone with your device will be able to help.
Thread closed.

Stuck on bootloop and can't access recovery mode!

My device is Lenovo A690. Just check the specs in the net, however i will say now to you it's an old device.
So my problem started when i tried to click Tools>Patch to Android>Remove patch to services.jar in Lucky Patcher. I did that because i want to remove the patch i did to be able to install apk files with different signatures whatsoever.
Now im in a bootloop. I can access interface for a second or two but after that, it hangs and reboots endlessly! The worst of this is i dont know what is the hell happening in my recovery since i cant access it. I know the right combination of keys, i see lenovos logo flashing to white indicating that it goes to recovery, but after that it just repeats and recovery wont open.
Please help on what should i do to fix this. Im willing to wait for some people to answer this thread. :'(
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We cannot provide technical support nor can other members reply to your posts here on XDA Assist. There is no forum specifically for the lenoco A690 at this time but you may want to ask your question with all relevant details in the friendly general Android Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting forum at That's a good place to start where members familiar with your device might be able to advise you.
Good luck!