Bootloop after removeing root fiels one plus one - XDA Assist

Plz help, I thought of removeing room by deleteing room fiels basically Bina xbin ones after I done that room was removed so I turned my phone off to charge and it got into bootloop I had francko kernel, custom boot animation flashed i tried factory reset but nothing happend plsz help


[Help] Weird Things Happening

I rooted my Z1 with pre rooted 5.1.1 Stock Rom. Everything was fine, until this night. I installed some xPosed modules then rebooted. But it got into bootloop, so i disabled xPosed Framework from recovery. Then it turned on. But few mins later when I tried a reboot (nothing special just reboot) it got me into bootloop. Disabling framework did not work. So I wiped out delvik, cache and system and installed backup file. It installed and after several minutes phone got turned on. But I couldnt see any files like storage, downloads or pics. I searched a bit and find out that I need to reboot. And it got stuck in bootloop again. So I need to follow these steps every time I want to use my phone. Cant even see files inside the storage. I can get into recovery.
install the rom again and try again or try installing xposed this one its stable worked on my xperia z1 c6092 do this after factory reset to reset the customizations
if it helped just give a thanks
Problem solved.

SOS, problem with recovery and system on s4 exynos (gt i9500)

Problem -
my phone (gt i9500) has been in sort of a brick . I can boot into the recovery and even have a nandroid .
what's preventing me from solving it -
I flashed ale95's note5 port rom final and everything went well
i flashed exposed to get a bootloop but i soon fixed that.
when i flashed xposed on twrp it was OK but when i chose modules and rebooted to put them in action i always faced a bootloop .
i noticed that while fixing this my phone temp would by around 80-91 deg. celcius for about 5 min but would soon cool down to about 48 .
to get xposed without troubles i would select all modules in the xposed installer app , and install the ale95's rom again (the same rom) without wiping anything .
recently i got a new module and activated it but then while reboot it caused a bootloop
i opened the recovery and reflashed ale95's rom but during it the temperature increased to over 92
i had the charger plugged that time (ik, bad mistake) and rebooted it
the back of the phone was sooo hot so i kept it on the table.
but when i came back the screen had turned black
now i cant turn the screen on without plugging in the charger
twrp has trouble in mounting cache and system
i have saved all my data so any wipe can help
i tried fix permissions and repair system
anyone pls help !!!

Bad situation need help fast!

Hi guys I'm caught in a bad situation. I tried to install a ROM but it went bad so I booted into CWM and erased everything including /data and /system as well as /cache and everything else except for /0 amd /clockworkmod. I then proceeded to install another ROM but it went fine until halfway through it quit and went back into CWM. I didn't know what to do so I restarted the phone into the bootloader and just clicked factory reset hoping it would fix something. But it restarted and stayed on the HTC screen that has the development text and copyright warning on the bottom. It got stuck there for quite a while so I restarted the phone again and tried to go back to CWM but now it just flashes briefely before restarting itself to do the same thing over again! Help please I'm scared I might have bricked it

Softbricked Nexus 5X

Hi! I flashed a center clock zip for the Nexus 5X, but I got a system UI has stopped. The post included a return to stock ZIP, so I flashed it, and my phone is in a boot loop. It was at 90 percent battery approximately, but I had to leave it for the morning so it has probably did,as I could not turn it off. I have tried a factory reset. I can still get into recovery. Can I flash the stock factory image? Will it still charge, as it's soft bricked and dead? Thanks
I've tried similar thing - flashed modded, after reboot it just crashed, so I reflashed backup. This was crashing as well, even when the file was identical to the original one. I thought that flashing factory system image will solve this, but for some reason SystemUI still crashed after reboot. I ended up doing full flash with data wipe, only then I could restore SystemUI to the original state. No idea what went wrong, during past few years I was able to recover from soft brick quite easily without data loss..
As you can get to recovery, I would say that you will be able to flash full factory image, maybe leave it on charger in recovery mode for a while before flashing..?
Thanks It turned out that it shut itself off after bootlooping a couple times, so I just flashed factory.

[Q] restoring a bricked phone

I hope someone can help me.
I tried the fix for the cell standby issue described in, by going the long way. Trying to find the file and changing the values myself. I checked the file sizes and made sure permissions on framework-res.apk were set correctly and copied it over to /system/framework. In this process my SGS3 froze and then the screen went blank. Trying to turn the phone on after the initial Samsung animation, the logo keeps flashing but nothing happens. I can boot into recovery mode but I hate to wipe/factory reset as I don't have a nandroid backup.
By the way, I have only rooted and installed busybox and on stock ROM.
I appreciate that this may have been asked many times before but my search skills are not that good. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
Just install the same ROM you have over top and don't factory wipe
Thanks for your reply... I have just done that and it is working again. The wait for an answer took was too much.
Now need to root it again. Wondering what to do with that root counter?
If you are refering to the binary counter, triangle away it to oblivion (I9300).-