Lenovo S6000-H - WPS failed / new ROM - XDA Assist

Hello guys,
im new here and i would like to ask you for help. I know that mine problem is solved by someone forsure. I bought Lenovo tablet S6000h yesterday and i have problem with wifi connection. When Im trying search wifi sites there is a error - WPS failed. Please try again in a few minutes. I was trying search some solutions on Google before I came here for help. I have android 4.2.2 Jelly bean. Is there any chance to root this device and get android 5.1 for example ? I think it can be solution for my problem. I just tried factory reset which unfortunately did not help.
I appreciate any kind of help. Thank you guys


[Q] wifi direct not working

hi friends,
i have xperia z1 and i have been facing one problem . my wifi direct and NFC is not working whenever i tried to send file to any other device its gets failed. i have tried everything but the problem is still same. if any of you know the solution of this problem please let me know. i will b thankfull to you
No informations?

[Q] Need help for OneDroid UI crashing

Hello everyone!
I've just successfully rooted my HTC One under Android 4.4.2 and installed OneDroid, but I'm having a serious issue with it.
Essentially, it works just fine. However the UI (com.android.systemui) crashes as soon as I unlock my phone and keeps crashing every 2 seconds until I do a factory reset.
Do you have any idea how to solve this?
Could you also please tell me which model my phone actually is? I bought it in Switzerland, not simlocked.
I need this information, because I want to know which stock firmware to install, if ever needed.
Thank you in advance for helping me.

Hyper-rom wifi problem please help me..

Hello guys, I have flashed Hyper-Rom v8 in my Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-19000) And the wifi doesn't work! I can receive text messages and I have cellular-network. My only problem is my wifi connection. When I'm trying to connect to my wifi router, my phone only saves the info of my router but it doesn't connect. I've tried long press on my wifi name to forget it and then try to connect it again but it doesn't solve the problem. I also re-flash the custom rom but nothing happened, it's the same again. Can anyone help me please?
The best way to get help about a custom ROM is to post your questions in their thread where other users, or the rom developer, can help you.

[Q] Ad-Hoc Fix in JB 4.1.2 [Somebody HELP ME!]

Hello everybody, today I updated my RAZR XT912 to Official JB 4.1.2... Unfortunately I saw that I can't connet (even I can't see) Ad-hoc connections, that's really important to me, Im using my phone everyday at work with a Lapdock 100 and that's my only way to connect to the intenet because my wifi controller don't support AP-Mode (NO Connectify etc...). I'm really tired to search for a solution related and maybe the fix is around the "wpa-supplicant" but I didn't saw any particular solution for the RAZR.....
Grettings from Cuba
if somebody can confirm this im not sure if there is a way for you to go back to ICS once your on jb unless somebody can confirm i do remember a fellow user who is from brazil and fluent in spanish. maybe message him check him on eterneity project

[Q] 4.4 blutooth problem

I recently updated to 4.4 through Sony not rooted.
My Bluetooth does not work at all.
It cant find other devices and nobody can find my phone???????????
Help anybody
Try Factory Reset and if this not help Repair via PCC. This are the first 2 things what have to be done after facing some issues.
I hope you did allow your phone being find-able...?